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Company Information

The Learning Center for the Deaf

Job Information

IEP Coordinator
848 Central St
Framingham, Massachusetts. 01701

Sign on Bonus- $1,500

Housing resources available

Relocation costs may be covered

Must have an understanding of special education procedures and policies and the application of service delivery, curriculum and instruction of students with disabilities. Must have comprehensive knowledge of the coordination of service delivery, related service providers, and community agencies and other resource providers.

Case manages student records and services in accordance and compliance with State and Federal regulations. Coordinates the exchange of student information with Local Education Agencies (LEAs), State Operated Programs (SOPs) and other education agencies.

To meet all compliance requirements and to ensure consistency across school programs; attend specific DESE & MAAPS meetings related to IEPs; and assume other responsibilities as designated by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction.

SUPERVISOR: Director of Curriculum and Instruction


Schedule and manage TEAM meetings, including annual and re-evaluation meetings
Assist with the provision of services for students' individual needs in the least restrictive environment compliant with the service delivery grid of their Individual Educational Program (IEP).
Coordinate and collaborate with classroom teachers, counselors, social workers, specialists, intervention specialists, academic/behavior interventionists, and others regarding students’ accommodations, program modifications, instructional supports, behavior intervention plans, etc.
Communicate with the principal regarding parent concerns and questions regarding the implementation of students’ IEPs and instructional programs.
Train and monitor development of IEP goals, objectives and relevant areas within the IEP.
Ensure compliance with state and federal special education regulations, including timelines.
Ensure the preparation of appropriate documents for review meetings, including collecting and organizing IEP goals and objectives from all service providers.
Provide educational consultation to teachers, staff, service providers, and parents that will enhance their understanding of the needs of students with disabilities.
Provide support of special education teachers and service providers in daily activities and mandated paperwork requirements.
Monitor completion of progress reports.
Confirm that services are documented in appropriate databases (i.e., school-based student information systems and the Special Education Data System (Frontline)).
Perform other duties and functions as deemed necessary
Keeps the education director & superintendent informed of students/staff issues and needs.

Master’s degree in Education of Deaf students, Education of Deaf students with additional disabilities or Special Education preferred
Three years of successful classroom teaching experience with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students
Fluent in American Sign Language and written English and possess knowledge of all ages and levels of students including students with multiple disabilities and cognitive disabilities.
Excellent organizational skills.
Ability to adhere to deadlines and work independently.
Quick learner, adaptable, committed to acting in the best interest of students.
Strong interpersonal skills.
Ability to work as part of a team.

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Resume, Cover Letter
Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Sustainability

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