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WordPress Site Administrator / Developer / Designer

We are looking for an individual to help us maintain and update our portfolio of websites. This person will also lead the creation of new websites using CHILMARKeting’s stack of themes, builders, and plugins.

Duties and responsibilities include:
-Performing WordPress updates including themes and plugins.
-Updating websites according to client or campaign needs.
-Creating new websites based on new clients and opportunities.
-Maintaining CHILMARKeting’s web server, domain properties, and DNS entries.
-Maintaining CHILMARKeting’s web and search analytics and configurations.
-Providing web design support including minor photo, video, and graphic work to modify creative web assets as needed.

CHILMARKeting is a full-service marketing agency serving mission-based non-profits, schools, and businesses. Our clients can be found throughout the United States, many of whom are deaf-owned or operated.

Required experience includes:
-The ability to communicate in ASL
-Prior experience with WordPress or other web development platforms such as Wix or SquareSpace

Paid on the job training will be provided.

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Computing, Graphics/Art/Printing
Associate, Bachelor

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