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Company Information

Metro Deaf School

Job Information

Mental Health Team
1125 Energy Park Drive
St Paul, Minnesota. 55108
United States

I. Summary

Works with teaching staff and parents to identify and provide services to students/families as they relate to behavioral and social needs. The Mental Health Team shall develop and provide training and educational programs that address the goals and mission of Metro Deaf School.

II. Duties and Responsibilities

Provide direct services to students who are struggling with personal issues, behavioral problems, and/or social skills in the classroom.

Provide support and consultation to teachers and parents as it relates to specific students’ needs.

Collaborate with colleagues on the Mental Health Team on assessing students in emotional, social, and behavioral areas.

Work with the student’s IEP team in development and implementation of inclusive and behavioral strategies, including accommodations, and ensure follow through.

Work with the student’s IEP team with development and implementation of objectives for the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

Resource to staff regarding students’ needs as they relate to social and behavioral issues.

May provide group sessions with varied topics, based on student need.

Plan and implement crisis intervention.

Establish links with outside services for students and provide referral services for students and their families.

Act as a liaison between home and school.

Develop and facilitate large group (classroom) interventions or social skills groups.

Participate in child-study team meetings.

Attend in-service training workshops as they relate to professional duties.

Keep records or progress notes that relate to activities with or for the students.

Work with Family Education Liaison to provide support and activities for families.

Plan and implement school wide Character Counts! program and other programs as directed.

Obtain and maintain MN state licensure.

III. Job Outcome

Maintains a positive attitude and style in dealing with others in a manner that contributes to the overall public relations of Metro Deaf School.

Maintains a positive and professional educational environment at all times.

Educates students to reach their full potential academically, emotionally, physically and socially.

Provides a safer, more effective learning environment.

BS/Master Degree in Social Work, Counseling, or related field required
Native-user or fluency in American Sign Language required
Knowledge of Bilingual Education preferred
Experience with or knowledge of behavioral needs, strategies, and knowledge in field
Experience working in schools and children in field preferred

Resume Information

Resume, Cover Letter, Application Form
Health Sciences, Liberal Arts
Bachelor, Graduate

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