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Full Time Interpreter Coordinator [REMOTE]

***This position will begin as part time (10am - 2pm) and is intended to transition to full time once training is completed (within 4 weeks or less). We are seeking candidates who have interest and availability to become full-time employees.***

Primary responsibilities include:

- Evaluating customer requests for completeness and accuracy.

- Identifying gaps in information and following up with customers as needed

- Carefully prioritizing appointments as new ones come in

- Entering appointments into an online scheduling portal

- Assigning interpreters with the proper skills and qualifications to fulfill customer requests

- Ensuring appointments are always updated with current information and prep materials

- Sending customer confirmations via email

- Offering customer support and resources as needed

- Responding to phone calls and emails quickly and efficiently

- Forming strong relationships with ongoing customers and understanding their specific needs

- Developing strong working relationships with interpreters and other agencies

- Outreach to the interpreter community to grow our team

- Onboarding new interpreters

- Maintaining up to date personnel files


- Bachelor's Degree [or] 3+ years of relevant work history

- At least 3-5 years professional administrative experience

- Basic understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act

- Familiar with Deaf communication modalities and the use of technology / assistive equipment to facilitate communication access

- Strong technical capabilities, with the willingness and ability to quickly learn new software or online systems

- Proficiency with Google Drive software suite, including Sheets and Docs

- Working knowledge of Zoom, WebEx, Microsoft Teams, and other popular video conferencing platforms

- Ability to operate independently with minimal supervision

- Great time management and self-motivation

- Ability to develop consistent and reliable processes

- Exceptionally strong multi-tasking and prioritizing abilities

- Excellent interpersonal communication skills

- Appreciates a challenge

- Background working within the Deaf community, either professionally or as a community ally

- Previous experience as an interpreter or with an interpreting agency preferred, but not required

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