Counseling & Academic Advising Services

NTID counselors/academic advisors provide personal, social, career and academic counseling services to all deaf and hard-of-hearing students at RIT. Every RIT/NTID student has a counselor/academic advisor assigned to work with them.

NTID Counselors / Academic Advisors

  • Work with students on a variety of issues, such as: relationship concerns, leaving home, family issues, adjustment to college life, choice of major, career exploration.
  • Provide career assessment.
  • Lead Freshmen Seminar classes.
  • Provide referral recommendations for academic and learning needs; physical and mental health concerns; and financial issues.

All personal counseling work with students is kept confidential.

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NTID Counseling & Academic Advising Services uses a developmental approach that empowers students to reach their educational and personal goals.

Our interactions with students will influence their:

  • Self-awareness
  • Independence & self-advocacy
  • Informed decision-making
  • Academic progress
  • Preparation for graduation, employment, and life

This philosophy and how we work with students are consistent with the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics.

Mission Statement

NTID Counseling & Academic Advising Services advances the academic, personal and career growth and success of all NTID-supported students. Department services are designed to be student centered, pro-active, developmental, and responsive to student needs. Services are integrated within the students' academic and co-curricular experience and support the academic curriculum. Department services include group and individual counseling, career planning and assessment, academic advising and course instruction. Student success is promoted through collaboration and consultation with advisors, tutors, instructors, administrators and other support service providers, as well students' families and community professionals.

Services We Provide

In the NTID associate degree programs, counselors/academic advisors typically have offices in the building where students take many of their courses. This provides easy access for students to see their counselors/academic advisors. These counselors/academic advisors provide career and personal counseling as well as academic advising.

In the bachelor's degree programs, NTID counselors/academic advisors may be located in or near the bachelor program in another college of RIT. These counselors/academic advisors only provide career and personal counseling. Students enrolled in bachelor's degree programs will work with their assigned primary academic advisor in their home college. Tutoring in a variety of courses is available from the NTID support faculty assigned to that college.

Academic Advising

Course planning and selection in collaboration with NTID department chairperson and faculty

Academic Counseling

Learning styles, study skills and time management

Individual Counseling

Adjustment to college, relationship issues, dorm life/roommate concerns, self-esteem issues, sexuality and sexual identity concerns, and other issues that interfere with academic and/or personal success

Group Counseling & Instruction

Adjustment concerns, identity concerns, relationships, support groups, career exploration and decision making, academic skill development, and learning strategies

Career Assessment

Aptitudes, career interests, career maturity, psychological type/temperament, work values

Career Resource & Testing Center (CRTC)

Educational and career information; assessment of students' aptitude, interests, learning style, career maturity, study skills; print, video, and computer-based career development resources, i.e., The Occupational Outlook Handbook


Provide referral recommendations for the following: academic and learning needs, physical and mental health concerns, financial issues, decision making, academic skill development, and learning strategies


Communicate with various internal and external professionals to address students' concerns, issues, and need to maximize academic success

Resources and Links

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Financial Aid Resources

  • The United States Department of Education has information on obtaining the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms over the Internet, and instructions on how to electronically submit the forms.

Career Planning

  • The What Color is Your Parachute: Net Guide offers on-line job hunting assistance by guiding the net surfer through mega lists of resources. In addition to general job hunting "gateway sites", there is additional information and more lists of sites categorized on the topics of job listing resume, getting career counseling, making contacts, and finding information/research resources.

Colleges and Universities

  • The Collegeview College Search allows you to search their database of over 3,500 colleges and universities and even take a multimedia tour of many of these colleges.


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Dominique' Flagg
Counselor/Academic Advisor
Vicki Liggera
Director NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services
Kara Matchett
Counselor/Academic Advisor

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