Counseling & Academic Advising Services

NTID counselors/academic advisors provide personal, social, career and academic counseling services to all deaf and hard-of-hearing students at RIT.

Every RIT/NTID student has a counselor/academic advisor assigned to work with them.

Mission Statement

We provide transitional counseling to support students' academic, personal, and career growth. We collaboratively work with the RIT Community to prioritize diverse, inclusive, and equitable services.

NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services

Services We Provide

In the NTID associate degree and bachelor's degree programs, each student is assigned an NTID counselor/academic advisor. Counselors/academic advisors provide academic advising, transitional counseling, and career counseling.

In the bachelor's degree programs in other colleges, each student is assigned an NTID counselor/academic advisor who provides transitional and career counseling. These students will work with their assigned primary academic advisor for academic advising and NTID support coordinator for tutoring resources in their home college.

Academic Advising
Transitional Counseling
Career Assessments & Counseling
Consultation & Referral

Department Staff

Vicki Liggera
Director NTID Counseling and Academic Advising Services
Julie Diaz-Poore
Assistant Director

Julie Diaz-Poore
Business Studies
(VP) 585-487-8734
LBJ #2649

Lauren Goldberg
Counselor/Academic Advisor
Bryan Lloyd
Assistant Director

Bryan Lloyd
Engineering Studies
(VP) 585-587-8911
LBJ #2647

Kara Matchett
Senior Counselor, Academic Advisori
Robin Padilla
Assistant Director

Robin Padilla
Business Studies
(VP) 585-286-5507
LBJ #2646

TJ Sanger II
Associate Director

Timothy (TJ) Sanger
(VP) 585-286-4396
LBJ #2641 / GOS #A176

Veronika Talbott
Assistant Director

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