Privacy at RIT

RIT is aware that privacy is a priority for our students, faculty, staff and alumni and leadership is committed to assessing the critical privacy issues that impact the RIT community.

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Privacy Policy was adopted to clarify the legitimate expectations of privacy by those individuals who are present at RIT facilities or at official RIT events, or who use RIT electronic resources.

Please review the frequently asked questions for an overview of the policy.

A standing committee was established for the purpose of providing guidance to leadership on privacy issues related to Institute business. Membership on the committee is drawn from a broad cross-section of the RIT community. Questions with respect to the administration of the Committee or the Privacy Policy may be referred to the Committee Chairperson.

RIT Privacy Committee Responsibilities

  • Recommend Institute Privacy Policy revisions or advance new policies as may be deemed appropriate.
  • Monitor changing issues of privacy in higher education.
  • Review privacy issues related to Institute operations including:
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Individual privacy
    • Management of Institute resources
  • Meet at least annually, or more frequently as needed.
  • Provide a report annually to the Administrative Council on the status of privacy issues at RIT.

Privacy Committee Members


  • Evan Thompson – Interim Privacy Officer, Senior Associate Counsel

Committee Members

  • Information Security -  Aldwin Maloto
  • Registrar - Joe Loffredo
  • Human Resources - Brett Lagoe
  • Student Affairs - Jessica Bowen
  • Academic Affairs - Sue Provenzano
  • NTID - Bernie Hurwitz
  • Academic Senate -  Elizabeth Lawley and Phillip White
  • University News - Bob Finnerty
  • Student Government - Bryan Gascon and Anika Aftab
  • Alumni Relations - Megan Cheever
  • Campus Safety - Rod Lezette
  • ITS -  Ben Wolke
  • Enrollment Management - Ed Lincoln
  • Staff Council -  Gina Coyne and Shawn Thomas
  • Development - Sharon Lonthair