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Health IT minor

Larry Hill, Minor Adviser

Medical informatics, also known as health information technology or health IT, is experiencing a period of rapid growth fueled by the federal government’s push for universal adoption of electronic health records. The health IT minor teaches students with a computing background how to develop and maintain software systems in the health care field. One year of object-oriented programming and an introductory database course are required prerequisites. Five required courses give students the skills they need to design and develop computing systems for the health care environment.

Notes about this minor:

  • Posting of the minor on the student's academic transcript requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • Notations may appear in the curriculum chart below outlining pre-requisites, co-requisites, and other curriculum requirements (see footnotes).
ISTE-120 Computer Problem Solving: Information Domain I*
ISTE-121 Computer Problem Solving: Information Domain II*
ISTE-230 Introduction to Database and Data Modeling
Required Courses
ISTE-330 Database Connectivity and Access
MEDI-130 Computers in Medicine
MEDI-320 Medical Database Architectures
MEDI-330 The Electronic Health Record
MEDI-430 Medical Application Integration

* Students may fulfill this prerequisite with one year of computer programming in an object-oriented programming language.