Research Highlights

Center Prototypes Next Generation of Batteries
RIT’s $1.5 million Battery Prototyping Center focuses on the development of emerging energy storage technologies and features equipment typically found in large corporate- or government-operated centers. The center was made possible by support from New York State Energy and Research Development Authority, Empire State Development, and the New York Battery and Energy Storage Technology Consortium.
Charles Ruffing, Director of the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute
The New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (P2I) directly assists businesses by providing on-site analysis and then offering options of how to improve processes based on research and technological opportunities.
General Motors Robots are One Piece of In-House Manufacturing System
RIT is preparing students for careers as manufacturing engineers, process engineers, or quality engineers with a complete, in-house manufacturing production and assembly system.
State-Funded Center Helps Reduce Environmental Impact
The Center of Excellence in Advanced & Sustainable Manufacturing helps New York state manufacturing companies develop and commercialize new sustainable products and technologies.
Paulus Lobos
Sustainable manufacturing gets a boost from more efficient user behaviors.d
The Center for Quality & Applied Statistics helps organizations improve performance.
The John D. Hromi Center for Quality & Applied Statistics uses proven methodologies to work with employee teams to solve thorny problems or develop processes that will lead to continuous improvement within an organization.
Internet of Things
RIT’s new Data and Predictive Analytics Center hopes to play a significant role in advancing how data analytics is used to optimize manufacturing decisions, reduce down time, monitor the health of equipment, and predict maintenance and repairs.
Poster for Course Offered at the Athenaeum and Mechanic's Association
RIT has a rich history of manufacturing dating back to the 19th century.