Exploring Culture Through Feminism Art

February 25, 2019

Below is a range of works by Zara Davis '19 (Ceramics), and her approach to art:

"The women I portray and the images I create upon them give voice to the strength and vulnerability that resides in each of us and that I, as a woman, have inherited. 

The way women have been portrayed through story, art, myth and religion is a fascinating journey through exultation and exploitation. Struggling with these disparate representations fuels my creative fervor. Within this internal conversation, it is important for me to reframe these ancient concepts, myths and religious iconography. I do this through a fusion of three-dimensional form and two-dimensional figurative imagery.

My work incorporates the idea of Jungian archetypes: ancient universal ideas, images and symbols from a collective unconscious. My practice then becomes an exploration of 'woman' as archetype. Using 'woman' as my primary source, I begin to understand my own mythology and the culture within which I live. It is my hope that through reexamining these ancient symbols and narratives, I can begin to contribute my voice to our current societal and artistic dialogue."