3D Studio Arts Minor

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The minor in 3D studio arts allows students to develop and refine the practices required for the production of three-dimensional art in various media. Students will develop conceptual, spatial, analytical, and technical skills while working through the process of art making from ideation to the production of creative visual expression in three dimensions.

Notes about this minor:

  • This minor is closed to students majoring in studio arts who have chosen options in ceramics, glass, furniture design, and metals and jewelry design.
  • Posting of the minor on the student's academic transcript requires a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.
  • Notations may appear in the curriculum chart below outlining pre-requisites, co-requisites, and other curriculum requirements (see footnotes).

The program code for 3D Studio Arts Minor is 3DSA-MN.

Curriculum for 3D Studio Arts Minor

Required Courses
   3D Design I
This course presents a progressive study over two-semesters in terminology, visual principles, exploration, concept generation, process, and techniques of three-dimensional design. Using hands-on problem solving, student will develop an informed understanding of the 3D form and space with an emphasis on the elements and principles of visual design and their function as the building blocks and guidelines for ordering a 3D composition. A heightened awareness of form and space will be developed through lecture, assigned projects, and critiques. Students will also develop a personal awareness of problem seeking and solving, experimentation, and critical analysis. **Note: May be taken as a one-semester offering**
Choose one of the following:
   3D Design II*
This is the second-semester of a sequential course. The focus is on composing three-dimensional form and its relationship to space. Students will build on their prior term experiences, which include the introduction to 3D principles, materials, and building processes. Students will develop the sophisticated skill of conceptualization. More advanced problems will be assigned and students will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of material and process possibilities for their resolution. A heightened awareness of idea development and design research will be explored. Inclusion of 21st century themes in the arts of social cultural and community.
   3D Design II Workshop: Topic*
This workshop provides students with the opportunity to learn more about 3D compositions within a more open and experimental realm while still covering the core Foundation concepts. Different topics may be taken in the same semester. Topics may only be taken once. The focus is on composing three-dimensional form and its relationship to space. Material exposure will be determined by the topic’s instructor.
   Sculpture for Non-Majors
This course will offer an introduction to sculpture and will expose students to basic concepts, forms, methods, and materials of the art form. The principles of space, volume, surface texture, multiple viewpoints, and gravity will be explored in three-dimensional projects. ** Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Introduction to Sculpture
This course is designed for students to develop ideas through investigation of basic sculpture practices, processes, and materials. Introduction to additive, subtractive, assemblage, and substitution processes of making sculpture are covered with expectations that students will develop these skills in relation to individual concepts and directions. ** Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Ceramics 3 Credit Elective
This is a class specifically designed for non-majors covering the fundamental techniques and aesthetics of working with clay. Topics covered include the forming techniques, clay mixing, basic properties of clay, glazing and firing techniques and fundamental understanding of historical and contemporary practices and applications. The course includes prescribed projects based on the number of studio hours. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Glass Processes
This course will introduce the beginner to the glass studio and to glass as a creative material. ** Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Form and Fabrication: Metals and Jewelry Design
This is an elective course providing an opportunity for introductory study in metals: either hollowware or jewelry. Development of metals techniques, design fundamentals and encouragement of personal expression will be encouraged. The student will learn to evaluate new techniques, materials and concepts. Slide lectures, technical demonstrations, field trips, hands-on experience and critiques will be used. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Furniture Design 3 Credit Elective
This is a class designed for non-majors, covering a fundamental introduction to techniques and aesthetics of woodworking. Topics covered include the use of select hand tools and woodworking power tools, wood as a material, its basic properties and fundamental processes of wood fabrication. The course includes a prescribed project based on five in-class contact hours. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Quilting Elective
This course will introduce the beginner to the textile studio and to quilting as a creative process. This can be repeated to allow students to develop additional skills. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
This course allows students to explore concepts, materials, processes, and techniques to develop a personal, cohesive three-dimensional body of work. Theories and history of sculpture will be discussed as relevant to individual directions. Course may be repeated. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Expanded Forms
The course will focus on the diverse new forms of expression that have emerged in contemporary fine art, including installation, performance, video, and digital art among the many other possibilities. Students will research some of these new forms and produce artwork in at least one of these forms. Course may be repeated. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**
   Foundry Practices
This course is designed to introduce or develop students’ skills in casting metals with an emphasis on cast iron and the use of a cupola. Advanced pattern-making, mold-making, sprueing, patination, and casting techniques will be introduced. Students will develop their concepts through cast metal sculpture.
   Figure Sculpture
This course will focus on the creation of three-dimensional figurative work. The student will observe live models to create multiple armatures and oil clay maquettes. The student will produce a finished figurative sculpture.
   Welding and Fabrication
This course will introduce develop skills in metal fabrication. Several different types of equipment will be introduced and explained along with the welding and cutting processes. Students will complete a body of work consisting of finished fabricated steel sculptures. The course will be taught off-campus at Rochester Arc and Flame Center connected to Mahany Welding, 115 Fedex Way, Rochester, NY. There is a lab fee to cover some safety equipment and supplies. **Fee: There is a lab fee required for this course**

* Students who are NOT enrolled in BFA programs are required to complete Sculpture for Non-Majors (SCUL-269) in place of 3D Design II (FDTN-132) or 3D Design II Workshop: Topic (FDTN-232).

† At least two courses must be taken at the 300-level or higher.