Pre-Baccalaureate Studies in Liberal Studies - Curriculum

Pre-Baccalaureate Studies in Liberal Studies

Pre-baccalaureate Studies, Liberal Studies, typical course sequence

Course Sem. Cr. Hrs.
First Year
Freshman Seminar
The course provides incoming deaf and hard-of-hearing students admitted to NTID undergraduate programs with opportunities to develop/enhance academic skills, personal awareness, and community involvement in order to maximize their college experience. Students will have opportunities to explore and navigate the college environment, develop/reinforce academic skills, and participate in experiential learning opportunities while establishing meaningful connections with faculty, staff and peers. The course promotes the development of plans for ongoing growth and involvement in class and in the RIT/NTID and/or broader community. (NTID Supported Students.) Lec/Lab 2 (Fall, Spring).
First Year Major Courses
General Education Courses*
Mathematics or Science Course‡
NTID Humanities or Social Science Courses§
Pre-Baccalaureate Courses†
Total Semester Credit Hours

* Please see the NTID General Education Curriculum (GE) for more information. Depending on placement, the writing sequence may begin with Critical Reading and Writing (UWRT-100) or a First Year Writing course, such as FYW: Writing Seminar (UWRT-150). Students should also choose a course that satisfies one of the RIT General Education Perspectives: ethical, artistic, global, or social.

† Pre-baccalaureate courses strengthen students’ skills in critical thinking, learning strategies, and specific discipline areas.

‡ Students may choose one of the following: NMTH-210, NMTH-250, NMTH-260, or a science course numbered NSCI-250 or higher.

§ Students may choose one of the following: any communication studies course numbered NCOM-201 or higher, or any humanities and social sciences course numbered NHSS-260 or higher.