Summer Semester

This Summer, Study From Where You Are

300+ courses. 90+ subjects. Online and In Person.
That’s one amazing summer.

This summer, continue learning with RIT. With hundreds of undergraduate and graduate courses to choose from, offered over four convenient summer sessions, you can make progress on your degree, earn extra credit hours, or explore an interest outside your major. 

Summer 2022 registration will open on March 21. 
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8 Reasons RIT’s Summer Semester is Sensational

Pursue an Interest
Investigate courses outside your major, or learn about a topic you’ve always wanted to explore.

Flexible Schedule
12-Week Session (5/12–8/9)
6-Week Session (5/12–6/24)
6-Week Session (6/27–8/9)
7-Week Graduate Session (5/12–6/30)

Deep Dive
Enroll in a more rigorous course and give it 100% of your focus. Or, dedicate your summer to immersive undergraduate research.

Get Ahead
Earn extra credits, boost your GPA, catch up on courses, or stay on track for graduation.

Stay Sharp
Exercise your mind while social distancing.

Finish Early
Continue to use summer to get ahead on your degree, finish early, and enter the workforce.

Stay Engaged
Summer courses keep you connected to RIT, your professors, and your classmates.

Financial Grants Available
Undergraduate students may be eligible for grants (money you don’t have to pay back!) to offset summer tuition.

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300+ courses. 90+ subject areas. 
You’re on to one amazing summer.

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Student Information System (SIS)

Summer Financial Grants

Offset summer tuition with an RIT Summer Grant. 

The RIT Summer Grant is available to all matriculated undergraduate students taking six or more undergraduate credits. The more credit hours you take, the larger the grant.

Credit Hour Range: 6 to 8 credit hours
Summer Grant Amount: $2,000 / $1,000 NTID-supported students

Credit Hour Range: 9 to 11 credit hours
Summer Grant Amount: $3,500 / $1,750 NTID-supported students

Credit Hour Range: 12 or more credit hours
Summer Grant Amount: $5,000 / $2,500 NTID-supported students


Summer Courses and Registration

While most courses are offered online this summer, there will be some on-campus courses, at the discretion of the RIT college offering the course. To confirm the modality of a course please consult the class schedule in SIS.

Yes. RIT's colleges and other units empowered to offer learning opportunities at RIT are responsible for the selection, organization, delivery, and staffing of all summer courses they offer.

Yes. But students are advised to discuss their summer plans with their academic advisor.

Yes. The summer housing contract will be available at beginning March 21st.

Registration for summer courses opens on March 21, however you may begin to view available summer courses on March 14. Registration for each summer session will run through each session’s “drop/add” period.

First, studies show that undivided attention on a single subject, over a short period of time, helps some learners gain a better understanding of the subject matter. Second, a student who chooses to repeat a course in its 6- or 12-week format, if available, is already familiar with the course content. This may help some students focus on aspects of the course with which they may have had trouble the first time around.

Credit-bearing summer courses count toward student GPA. Therefore, based on their GPA, students who fail a summer course could be put on academic probation or suspension. Academic action follows the rules put forth in RIT’s Academic Actions and Recognition Policy (D05.1).

The Department of Access Services will continue to provide remote interpreting, captioning and notetaking services for summer courses, office hours, team meetings, etc. Those needing services will need to submit a request through their website,

Tuition and Financial Aid

For degree-seeking students, some aid programs such as NYS TAP and Federal Pell Grant have a limit on the number of semesters students are eligible to receive the award. Other awards such as the Federal Direct Loan program have annual maximums, and so using eligibility in the summer reduces your eligibility for fall and spring. You should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at if you have questions about the impact of the use of federal or state aid during the summer sessions. Non-degree-seeking students are not eligible for federal, state, or other RIT aid.

Applying for additional aid is your choice. For consideration you must be eligible to file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Other than the RIT Summer Grant, institutional aid is not provided unless you are enrolled full time.

Federal loans or alternative loans may be possible. Visit Applying for Aid for more information.

Summer Grant

The grant is available to all matriculated undergraduate students taking six or more undergraduate credits. There are no other eligibility requirements. The RIT Summer Grant will be applied to your student account for the summer term. This grant is in addition to any other need-based eligibility that the student may have (i.e., PELL, NYS Tap, Federal Loans, etc.).

A grant is financial support provided by RIT. It is not a loan or a scholarship. Grants do not need to be paid back.

When a class is canceled you are dropped from the class and the tuition charges and the RIT Summer Grant will be adjusted based on the number of credits you remain enrolled in. It does not matter how close to the start of the summer term it is when the class is canceled.

All matriculated undergraduate students taking six or more undergraduate credits.

If you meet eligibility requirements you will receive the RIT Summer Grant. No action is necessary on your part.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will review course registrations after each “add/drop” period during the summer and add/reduce the RIT Summer Grant as necessary. Final amounts will be calculated after the “add/drop” period for the second six-week summer session.

Yes, if you meet the criteria for the RIT Summer Grant.

The RIT Summer Grant will be adjusted based on the number of credit hours you remain enrolled in.

When you withdraw from a course there is no associated adjustment to either your charges or your RIT Summer Grant.

International undergraduate students are eligible for the summer RIT Summer Grant as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

You can receive an RIT Summer Grant for studying abroad if you enrolled in a program in which you are assessed the standard RIT or NTID tuition rate. These are traditionally programs in which students study at one of RIT’s global campuses or through a RIT faculty-led program. To qualify for the RIT Summer Grant, you must be taking six or more undergraduate credits. The RIT Summer Grant is not available for affiliated (non-RIT) study abroad programs.

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