Action Plan for Race and Ethnicity

Early in 2020, a global pandemic became the canvas upon which the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others would be forever painted. The tragic events of 2020 have brought into public light a host of systemic racial inequities and injustices.

As a leader in higher education, RIT is compelled to reexamine our own history, renew and refocus our existing commitments, and expand our impact by leveraging our passion to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive society.

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Action Plan Pillars

Pillar I
Leadership, Culture, and Communication

  • Broad Initiative I - Setting the Tone
  • Broad Initiative II - Day of Understanding, Solidarity, and Racial Reconciliation
  • Broad Initiative III - Community Connections
  • Broad Initiative IV - Conveying RIT’s Diversity Story

Pillar II
African American, Latino American (LATINX), Native American (AALANA) Student Enrollment and Success

  • Broad Initiative I - Increase AALANA Students
  • Broad Initiative II - Graduation Rates and Persistence

Pillar III
Faculty and Staff Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement

  • Broad Initiative I - DEI Formal Structures
  • Broad Initiative II - Hiring Practices
  • Broad Initiative III - Faculty and Staff Sense of Belonging

Advancing the Plan

The RIT Action Plan for Race and Ethnicity Year One Score Card provides an update regarding initiatives in the plan.


In conclusion, the broad initiatives and supporting actions identified undergird the three pillars of the RIT Action Plan for Race and Ethnicity— leadership, culture, and communication; student recruitment and success; and faculty and staff recruitment, retention and advancement. These pillars and supporting actions offer an important framework to guide the university in efforts to expand our reach and create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive society.