Financial Literacy

Fostering Financial Literacy at RIT

The financial choices made while attending college can impact your future goals and endeavors. Alongside attending classes, preparing for a career, and cultivating lifelong friendships, college is also a time to form money management skills.

This page is a virtual library with a variety of resources to learn how to manage your money, including:

Apps for Finance Tracking

Audio Podcasts

Articles and Webinars

Courses (both credit-bearing and non)

"As aid professionals, we are sensitive to the fact that many students will need to include student loans as part of their college financing plan. We know how important it is that they understand their options for repayment and how that may influence the affordability of living on their own. Growing their practical money management habits while enrolled will aid in them making smart decisions that lead to bright futures after they graduate."

J.T. Irizarry
Assistant Director
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

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Banzai: Online Financial Education

Free access to dozens of interactive courses, coaching, calculators, and articles

Browse topics such as paying for college, renting a place to live, buying a car, understanding job benefits, and planning for retirement. The Banzai platform will help expose you to lifelike financial scenarios like budgeting, saving for a goal, and dealing with financial setbacks - for free!

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Courses at RIT

RIT offers a 3 credit course through the Finance Department on Personal Financial Management, as well as a Wellness Education Course about Financial Fitness. When choosing electives, you should consider taking at least one, if not both, before graduating.

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About: Examines financial decisions people must make in their personal lives. Covers personal taxation, housing and mortgages, consumer credit, insurance (including life, health, property and casualty), and retirement and estate planning. Also reviews the common financial investments made by individuals, including stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and mutual funds. This class involves extensive use of the internet for access to information. (Students in the Finance Program may use this course only as a free elective, not as a course creditable towards the Finance Program.) (This course is available to RIT degree-seeking undergraduate students.)

Credits: 3

Availability: Fall, Spring, Summer

About: Fitness doesn’t just have to mean working out in the gym. Learn how you can become financially fit! This course will give you the foundation. Learn about important topics that include: the time value of money, budgeting, taxes, credit (good debt vs. bad debt), buying vs. leasing a car, banking, housing, financing college and much more. You will learn tools on how to best manage your resources and gain a basic understanding of the complex world of personal finance.

Credits: Will satisfy one of two required Wellness credits

Availability: Fall, Spring

RIT Financial Literacy Team

RIT has a Financial Literacy team that identifies, develops, and implements programs focused on improving your understanding of financial literacy and helping you to develop financial strategies that will last long after your time at RIT. Follow the Financial Literacy team on social media for more financial news and tips. 

Current students can join the RIT Financial Literacy campus group to learn more about events and connect with other students interested in financial literacy.

Steps to Build Financial Health

View this 1-minute video for 8 steps on how you can build financial health.

Education Tax Benefits and Credits

Learn how to claim tuition on your federal tax return

Learn how to deduct student loan interest on your tax return

Helpful Tools

Mobile Apps, Videos, and Websites

Credit Karma
a mobile app that offers free credit scores

a mobile app to make it easy to apply for scholarships

Financial Wellness Videos
quick clips promoting financial wellness

a website to track all your finances in 1 place

Blogs, Podcasts, and Webinars

The College Investor
articles about investing and personal finance

The College Investor Audio Show
podcasts about investing and personal finance

Planancial Future Rich
audio blogs from a certified financial planner talking about solving guests' financial issues

webinars with various financial and career advice

Federal Student Loan Entrance and Exit Counseling, and Repayment

The website has made it easier than ever to track how much you have borrowed through the federal student loan program. As soon as you are logged in you are presented with your dashboard and your cumulative borrowing as well as any interest that may have accrued. Select Loan Detail for more information, such as loan status, interest rate and when the loan was disbursed. It also provides you with contact information for your Loan Servicer(s) as well as other tools and resources. It is extremely important to know what you owe and to plan for repayment.

*Please be advised that Alternative Student Loans are not tracked on the Federal Student Aid website.