RIT Merit-Based Scholarship Renewal

The minimum academic requirement for renewal of merit-based scholarships (such as the RIT Presidential and Achievement Scholarships) is a 2.8 cumulative GPA.

Grades are reviewed following each spring in order to confirm eligibility for the next year’s award.

Students who have not achieved the minimum 2.8 GPA at that time do not lose the entire scholarship. The scholarship is renewed for the following year at a $500 reduction ($250 per term). If the cumulative GPA increases to at least a 2.8 GPA at the end of the subsequent spring term, the merit-based scholarship will be renewed at the original value for the following year. If the cumulative GPA is still below a 2.8 at the time of the subsequent review, the merit-based scholarship will remain at the reduced amount ($250 per term) for the following year. The scholarship is not decreased by an additional $250 per term.

If you have questions about renewal of your merit-based scholarship, please contact your financial aid counselor.