5 Coffee Spots on the RIT Campus

Employee handing coffee to customer at campus coffee shop.

A barista hands coffee to customer at Java Wally's on the RIT campus.

One of my favorite things about RIT is the variety of places to get coffee. Stopping to grab a coffee and a snack between classes is a great way to recharge. Keep reading to get a full look at the best coffee spots on campus.

1. Beanz

Located on the dorm side of campus, Beanz is an excellent place for specialty drinks. Students living in the dorms can access Beanz without even going outside, as it is located in Grace Watson Hall, which is directly connected to the tunnel system. Beanz offers smoothies, baked goods, salad, soups, and sandwiches. I love making a stop at Beanz for a strawberry smoothie and a bagel with cream cheese. This dining location serves Finger Lakes Coffee Roasters Coffee and fresh juices from a local orchard. 

A student works the smoothie bar at Beanz coffee shop.





2. The College Grind

This dining location is also located near the dorms. The College Grind serves Starbucks Coffee, as well as a plethora of baked goods and Sandwiches. Students love visiting The College Grind for smoothies; they are a great pick-me-up for busy study days. Located in the Center for Student Development, there are many seating areas to get some work done and enjoy a drink and a snack from the College Grind. 

Students order drinks and food at the counter of the College Grind.





3. Artesano Bakery and Cafe

As you make your way from the dorm side to the academic buildings on campus, you’ll pass Artesanos. It’s a popular location on campus, located in Monroe Hall. This bakery and cafe serves Peet’s Coffee, frozen drinks, and espresso drinks. They also have a wide selection of delicious baked goods, breakfast sandwiches,  gluten-free options, and vegan foods. Artesano’s has a nice seating area, perfect for getting a little work done or meeting up with friends in between classes.

A student looks at the baked goods selection in the glass case at a bakery.





4. Java Wally’s 

Java Wally’s or “Java’s” is a  gourmet coffee spot located right in the RIT Library. It also serves tea, smoothies, and light snacks/pastries. My personal favorites are the chocolate chip cookies and the croissants. This coffee shop has bright colors, exciting art on the walls, and lots of seating. Java Wally’s is a sister company of Java’s on Gibbs Street in downtown Rochester.

Baristas make drinks behind the counter at Java Wally's





5. Midnight Oil

Midnight Oil is located in Global Village, which is on the opposite end of campus from dorms. This location has lots of seating and is great for meeting up with friends to chat or get some work done. Midnight Oil, or as some call it “Moil,” serves Starbucks coffee, teas, and chai. They also serve sandwiches, desserts, and pastries. I love getting the Tempeh BLT and a chocolate chip muffin.

Three Starbucks drinks sit on the counter ready to be picked up by customers.




RIT dining has an excellent selection of coffee spots on campus, with great atmospheres. Artesano, Beanz, Midnight Oil, and The College Grind offer mobile ordering, which is very useful for busy days. Whether you want an ice-cold drink for a nice boost on a busy study day or a warm drink to hold for those chilly days on campus, RIT Dining has you covered!

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