5 Reasons I Transferred to RIT

My name is Izzy Kunde, I am a second year Communications major here at RIT. I am also a mid-year transfer student. In January of 2021, I transferred to RIT and I'm so glad that I did.  I always dreamed of moving far away from home for college, but as I got closer to the time where I actually had to, it became clear that I wanted to stay closer to home.  The first college I attended was about two hours from my house, but when I was thinking of transferring out, I knew I needed a hometown college experience.  I felt more comfortable and more secure about myself knowing that I had only a 30 minute drive to my childhood bedroom. In the end, proximity to home wasn't the only thing I was looking for at my new university. Here are the top 5 reasons I transferred to RIT:

1. I Felt at Home

Have you ever been driving to a college tour with your mom or dad, and they say, “You’ll know if this college is right for you because you’ll have a feeling when you step on campus”. I thought that that feeling wasn’t real, because I had never had that feeling in my initial college search. When I came to RIT it was different. I felt like I belonged here. I felt a sense of community.  Within my first few weeks as a student, I decided to apply for a job on campus.  I chose the Admissions Office as my top choice; becoming a tour guide has always been a dream of mine.  When I got the job, I was nervous beyond belief, but as soon as I met some of the people in the office, whether it be my fellow guides, the receptionist, or my two lovely managers, I really felt a sense of belonging.  

2.  Professors Would Know Me by Name

When I first began looking at colleges, I originally started with small Liberal Arts colleges because of their small class sizes and professor/student relationships. When I came to RIT, I didn’t realize how much they value that sort of thing. I have never had a class of more than 40 people in my career at RIT (the student-to-faculty ratio is 13:1), and I really love that! I appreciate the care that professors take with each individual student, they really value your academic success and take the time to know you by name.

3. The Vast Network of Successful Alumni

In addition to having amazing academics, RIT’s professional alumni network is vast and willing to engage with and help students find a co-op or a job during or after their career at RIT.  Because of the amazing education students receive here, it's not rare for alumni to hold high powered jobs at high powered corporations or companies such as Google, Apple, Disney, Netflix, Tesla, and even Pixar. Our alumni network at these companies and many others provides our students with countless opportunities for employment and co-op.  One of my sorority sisters was put in contact with a Disney “Imagineer” over this past summer who is an RIT alumnae, and she now has secured a co-op position as an intern at the Imagineering office in Orlando, FL.

4. The Co-op Program

In conjunction with our alumni network, our co-op program is one of the best in the country. Co-op is a full time, paid internship that students participate in during their 3rd and 4th years of college. It’s not uncommon for a student to be offered a job by the same company they worked for, in the same position or better, after they graduate from RIT.  That is a great output number. Co-op is required of about 80% of the majors here, and even if
your major does not require you to complete a co-op, you can still participate.  As someone who does not necessarily know what they want to do after college, the co-op program seemed to me like a great way to get to know what I like and dislike about the professional experience, and what I want in a job after I graduate.  Co-op is sure to provide a hands-on, immersive experience so students can get a feel for the real-world workplace.

5. The Diverse and Welcoming Student Population

RIT is a very diverse campus, with students from all walks of life. I have met some amazing people even in my short time here as a student. I've joined multiple clubs and organizations here on campus that have further exposed me to the amazing people that populate the RIT campus. I am so grateful for all of my friends, they are truly awesome!

I hope these five points give you insight on what RIT is like academically, professionally, and socially. The transfer process was smooth, easy, and painless, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience so far here at RIT. Go Tigers!

Guest Blogger: Izzy Kunde, Communications '24

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