5 Reasons I Transferred to RIT

My name is Izzy Kunde. I am a second-year communication major at RIT. In January 2021, I was a mid-year transfer student and I am so glad I chose RIT. 

Why I Transferred Colleges

When I was looking at colleges, I always dreamt of moving far away from home. But as I got closer to decision day, when I actually had to decide where I wanted to study, it became clear that I wanted to stay closer to home. The first college I attended was about two hours from my house, I knew I wanted a hometown college experience when I was thinking of transferring out. I felt more comfortable and more secure knowing I had only a 30-minute drive to my childhood bedroom. In the end, proximity to my home wasn't the only thing I was looking for in a new university. Here are the top 5 reasons I transferred to RIT:

1. I Felt at Home

“You’ll know if this college is right for you because you’ll have a feeling when you step on campus.” This is what my parents said to me when we went to RIT for a campus tour. I thought that that feeling wasn’t real, because I had never had that feeling during my initial college search. When I came to RIT it was different. I felt like I belonged here. I felt a sense of community.  Within my first few weeks as a student, I decided to apply for a job on campus. I chose the Admissions Office. Becoming a tour guide has always been my dream. When I got the job, I was nervous beyond belief, but as soon as I met some of the people in the office, whether it be my fellow guides, the receptionist, or my two lovely managers, I felt a sense of belonging.

2.  Professors Would Know Me by Name

When I first began looking at colleges, I initially started with small liberal arts colleges because of their smaller class sizes and the professor/student relationships. When I came to RIT, I didn’t realize how much the university valued these two things. I have never had a class of more than 40 people at RIT–the student-to-faculty ratio is 13:1–and I love that. I appreciate the care that professors take with each student, they are invested in your academic success and take the time to get to know you as a person, not just as some student who is taking their class.

3. The Vast Network of Successful Alumni

In addition to having amazing academics, RIT’s professional alumni network is vast. Our alumni are willing to engage with students to help them find a co-op position or a full-time job. Because of the amazing education students receive here, it's common for alumni to hold high-powered jobs at leading companies such as Google, Apple, Disney, Netflix, Tesla, and Pixar. The alumni network at these companies, and many others, provide RIT students with countless opportunities for co-op positions and full-time employment. One of my sorority sisters was put in contact with an RIT alumna who is a Disney Imagineer. My roommate ended up securing a co-op position as an intern at Walt Disney Imagineering in Orlando, FL..

4. The Co-op Program

In conjunction with our alumni network, our co-op program is one of the best in the country. Co-op is full-time, paid employment where students spend a semester or longer gaining hands-on career experience. Most students begin their co-ops in their third year of study. It’s common for students to be offered jobs by the same companies they completed a co-op with after graduating from RIT. Co-op is required in most majors and encouraged in all programs. As someone who does not know what they want to do after college, the co-op program is a great way to learn what I liked and disliked about different professional experiences and what I would like in a job after I graduate. 

5. The Diverse and Welcoming Student Population

RIT is a very diverse campus, with students from all walks of life. I have met some amazing people even in my short time here as a student. I've joined multiple clubs and organizations here on campus that have further exposed me to the amazing people that populate the RIT campus. I am so grateful for all of my friends, they are truly awesome!

Should I Transfer Colleges?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone. It’s common for students to transfer to colleges after starting someplace else. Not only did the five points above help me decide to transfer to RIT, but I found the transfer process was smooth, easy, and painless, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience so far here at RIT.

Go Tigers!

Guest Blogger: Izzy Kunde, Communications '24

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