If you are an avid trekker or just a beginner who enjoys the cool refreshing breeze and picturesque views, then this is the place for you to visit! I went on a trip to Adirondacks recently in August with my peers. We started off by going to the Verona Beach State Park. I was taken aback by seeing the lush green plots and forest surrounding it. We enjoyed our lunch there in the scenic beauty!
Further we proceeded to our main destination, Adirondacks. As we had pre-booked our camping spots online, it wasn’t much of a hassle. Building tents was one of the highlights of this trip. A tent was built by two people. Although it took us two hours to build it, it was a pleasant experience. Tip: Do carry a tarp as to prevent the moist ground from soiling your clothes!

Our group posing on a deck near water.
Another highlight of the trip was the forest trek. The trail’s distance was approximately 2 km and it took us around 45 mins to reach there. We started trekking in the evening such that we could enjoy the sunset from the top. The trail throughout was as beautiful as the destination above. I was mesmerized with the beauty. Although the ending of the trek was tricky due to the steep slopes, it was all worth it! We enjoyed the sunset at the Finger Lakes Region. From this point one can see all the lakes. As the evening passed by, we headed back to our tents.

Photo of the forest and lakes


We were welcomed by our other friends who had built a bonfire. Well, that was much needed since the temperatures dropped very low by the night time. Tip: Do carry warm clothes and enjoy the cozy nights in the tent! We all had a gala time chitchatting through the chilly night. They even have facilities to go swimming in the lakes during the day time! We used service and network issues to our benefit, to unwind ourselves from the daily monotonous routines.

Inside a rustic gift shop.
We headed back to our homes the other day in the morning. This trip helped me rejuvenate and gave me the strength to catapult towards another busy week!

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