GENIUS Olympiad Scholarships

GENIUS Olympiad participants can earn an annual scholarship of up to $25,000 when they attend RIT.

Join a community of fellow innovators, creators, and difference-makers.

Why Consider RIT How to Apply

Scholarship Award Levels for International Students

Students achieving certain levels at the GENIUS Olympiad can receive the following scholarship amounts:



Award Amount


Gold Medal

$25,000 renewable scholarship


Silver Medal

$20,000 renewable scholarship


Bronze Medal

$15,000 renewable scholarship


Honorable Mention

$14,000 renewable scholarship



$12,000 renewable scholarship



$10,000 renewable scholarship


Scholarship Terms

Scholarship awards are only available to international students and only during undergraduate study. Awards do not carry through to the graduate study level. Award recipients who qualify for an additional merit-based scholarship will be awarded the scholarship with the highest value.

Why Apply to RIT

Rigorous, Professionally-Focused Academic Programs

RIT offers a wide variety of rigorous academic programs, from STEM to design to business, and more. We are ranked as one of the most innovative and best-value schools by U.S. News and Reports (2023) because our majors are multidisciplinary, transformative, and future-proof. 

Areas of study

Here, Creative Potential is Unleashed and Ideas Become Reality

Creativity and innovation is at the heart of RIT. We provide the places and spaces where people connect, imaginative ideas soar, and makers redesign the future. 

Key initiatives in creativity and innovation
Places and spaces for creators and makers

Unmatched Career Preparation

Career preparation is our first priority. By pairing our future-focused, innovative academic programs with one of the best university internships and co-op programs in the world, you’ll see why RIT is the best place for you to not only launch your career, but design your future.

What is co-op?
First-year salaries of RIT Graduates

Students Thrive at RIT

Here, students can be uniquely themselves, and flourish. RIT is a place where individuality, creativity, and innovation are always celebrated.

Welcoming and inclusive environment
Women at RIT
Athletics and recreation

Understanding the RIT Admissions Process

Apply to a degree program

Students apply directly to their desired major and start relevant course work right away.

Apply to a college exploration program

Students can explore the majors in their area of interest and declare a major later.

Apply to individualized study

Students can design an academic program around a group of interests that don’t fit neatly into a major and graduate with a degree as unique as them.

What We Look For

Admission to RIT is competitive, but our admissions process is personalized. We assess academic strength, standardized test scores (if you choose to submit them), recommendations, portfolio quality (where applicable), as well as extracurricular activities and personal career interests. Our students come from a variety of geographic, social, cultural, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.