Graduate Student Testimonials

Ashutosh Lakshminarayan posing for a photo in his cap and gown, holding his diploma.

My second co-op was with Cummins Inc.., where I was recruited through the RIT Packaging career fair, I learned a great deal about industrial packaging and at the same time I was given assigned corporate leadership projects within the organization. Later, my co-op with Cummins was converted into a full-time role and I was rehired as a Packaging and Logistics Project Manager. The best thing about being an international student at RIT was the department of Packaging Science which let me do multiple co-ops and gain as much industry experience as possible before applying for full-time opportunities.

Ashutosh Lakshminarayan

MS Packaging Science

Neel Sancheti smiling into the camera as they pose for a photo with the tiger statue.

RIT gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from people from all over the world.

Neel Sancheti

MS Electrical Engineering

Claire Candelori smiling into the camera.

I loved the ability to get to know your professors and utilize them as true mentors. I had lots of questions about different industries and jobs I was applying to and I asked multiple professors about career and industry advice and they really helped me decide my career path.

Claire Candelori

Masters of Business Administration (MBA)

Caroline Sculimbrene posing for a photo in her cap and gown under the Electrical and Microelectronic Engineering sign.

I feel really proud of all the hard work I put into getting my degree. People respect the reputation of RIT so they are impressed when they hear where I graduated from and what degree I achieved.

Caroline Sculimbrene

Electrical Engineering BS/MS

Rohini Mukherjee standing in front of a branded background.

RIT prepared me 100% for my job as a Deputy Manager of Marketing by giving me the confidence to speak to a huge audience, strengthening my teamwork ability, and help me understand the nuances of Marketing. The MBA program has a very holistic curriculum that relies more on practicals (projects), research, and self-learning via group discussions than through lectures. I am satisfied and able to excel at my job because of all the learning I soaked in during my time at RIT.

Rohini Mukherjee

MBA Digital Marketing

Anthony Parrucci

After one year in the MFA Industrial Design program, I was able to land my dream internship that lead to further opportunities to learn and gain industry experience. Coming from a non-industrial design background, the support and leadership of my professors were truly one of the biggest factors that allowed me to accomplish my goal of pivoting direction into the field that I was interested in.

Anthony Parrucci

MFA Industrial Design