Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Colloquium: Large Cool Spots on the Surfaces of Young Stars

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Astrophysical Sciences and Technology Colloquium
Large Cool Spots on the Surfaces of Young Stars: Implications for Age, Mass, and Evolution

Dr. Jeff Bary
Sweet Family Chair and Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Colgate University


The presence of large cool spot complexes on the surfaces of young Sun-like stars most significantly impact the infrared regions of the SEDs for such stars and are likely responsible for the color anomalies and optical vs. infrared spectral type discrepancies reported for these stars. The spots directly impact measurements of effective temperature (Teff) and luminosities for such stars; two quantities that determine the location of the stars on the HR diagram as well as their proximity to evolutionary tracks and isochrones. Measurements of spot filling factors and temperatures permit a determination of “spot corrected” Teff and luminosities, which affect the placements on the HR diagram and alter the inferred masses and ages of the stars. In this talk, Dr. Bary will review some recent near-infrared spectroscopic observations of young stars containing spot-sensitive spectral features, discuss how we use them to constrain the total spot coverage, and will compare the spot-corrected Teff and luminosities to both standard and spotted-star stellar evolutionary models.

Speaker Bio:
Dr. Jeff Baryis the Sweet Family Chair and Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Colgate University. His research program focuses on several aspects of the formation of young stars and planetary systems including accretion and outflow activity, circumstellar disk evolution, and the influence of spots on the characterization of young stars and their evolution.

Intended Audience:
All are welcome. Those with interest in the topic.

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Cheryl Merrell
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When and Where
September 26, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Room/Location: 1125

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