CHIPR (Cultural Heritage Imaging, Preservation, and Research) Open House at RIT

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from left: imaging system, manuscript on bed with illumination coming from right, person standing and looking down at page.

Join us to learn about our research in cultural heritage imaging and related areas of activity and development. The day will be a combination of fixed-time tours and time to wander and mingle and learn about:

• a low-cost, end-to-end multispectral imaging system, Multispectral Imaging System for Historical Artifacts (or “MISHA”), developed by RIT’s Imaging Science and Museum Studies Programs that can be used on small format historical documents, sheet, and leaf collections that have overwritten text, faded ink, or other un-readable or unknown content. Presented by Dr. David Messinger, Dr. Roger Easton, and Dr. Juilee Decker.

• an interactive tool developed by researchers from our Color Science Program who use spectral imaging for the purposes of color comparison and analysis. Presented by Olivia Kuzio, PhD Candidate in Color Science; Susan Farnand, Assistant Professor in Color Science; Leah Humenuck, PhD Student in Color Science.

• a non-invasive method of mapping and identifying pigments in paintings developed by Imaging Scientists. Presented by Dr. Joseph Hornak.

• Image Permanence Institute, a research center in the College of Art and Design dedicated to supporting the preservation of cultural heritage collections in libraries, archives, and museums around the world. Presented by Dr. Emma J. Richardson.

• methods for audio reproduction of cultural heritage sites developed by researchers from the College of Engineering Technology. Presented by Dr. Sungyoung Kim (collaborators Dr. Doyuen Ko, Belmont University, and Dr. Miriam M. Kolar, The anthropology Institute).

• Library-based digitization.

• Cary Collection use cases of multispectral imaging. Presented by Dr. Steve Galbraith.

Researchers will be on hand to talk about our work, to run demonstrations, and to visit our lab spaces.

In addition, Joshua Sternfeld, Acting Deputy Director, Division of Preservation and Access, National Endowment for the Humanities, is scheduled to join us (in person, tentatively) to share funding opportunities with the NEH.


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For questions, contact the co-organizers, Dr. Juilee Decker and Dr. David W. Messinger,

Juilee Decker
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When and Where
August 15, 2022
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Room/Location: 2nd floor

Open to the Public

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