Color Science Ph.D. Defense: Anku

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color science ph.d defense anku

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense
Preferred Rendering of Memory Colors

Color Science Ph.D. Candidate
Integrated Sciences Academy, RIT
Advisor: Dr. Susan Farnand

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With the rise in high quality cameras and displays following the mainstream adoption of smartphones, image quality has become an essential aspect of engaging and attracting consumers. In the case of smartphones, the bar raises with release of every new generation. There are many factors affecting image quality such as sharpness, image noise or non-uniformity, and geometric distortion, but it is fair to say that color plays a vital role in the perceived quality of an image. Colors not only spark emotions and engage a user but also decide the likability of a certain image. Over the past few years computational photography techniques have become a major differentiating factor between camera manufacturers. These techniques are used to enhance certain features of an image such that it is more pleasing to the viewer. It is important to understand better the perceived and preferred image quality for pictures and to develop a procedure for evaluating them as a part of the camera/display development and design process.
This dissertation focuses on exploring such preferred color image renderings using different methodologies of perceptual assessments. We focus on common scenes that contains memory colors such as those of grass, sky, skin tones, beach sand and food items. We also focus on white balance preference of an image which controls the appearance of the scene content, in particular different skin tones, under changing illumination. The ultimate goal of this dissertation is to address how we perceive color quality and to develop procedures for its evaluation, and to assess preferred color image rendering. These results can be used to help design better cameras and displays by improving color image quality.

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Undergraduates, graduates, and experts. Those with interest in the topic.

Stephanie Livingston-Heywood
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October 18, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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