Industrial Math Modeling Center Seminar: Climate risk analytics and data science

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Industrial Math Modeling Center Seminar
Climate risk analytics and data science

Dr. Steve Sain
Senior Principal Data Scientist and Senior Director
Jupiter Intelligence

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Climate risk can be defined as the potential for adverse consequences due to climate change. Climate risk analytics is the quantification of climate risk due to hazards such as flood, heat, wind, fire, etc. and how these risks are evolving with climate change. Quantifying these risks often involve large-scale computational pipelines integrating data from different sources as well as complex geophysical models. In this talk, I’ll discuss some of these pipelines with a particular emphasis on how applied statistics, machine learning, and data science play key roles. Specific attention will be given to downscaling, extremes, and emulators.

Speaker Bio:
Steve Sain is a Senior Principal Data Scientist and Senior Director at Jupiter Intelligence where in addition to heading the Data Sciences group he serves more broadly in different leadership roles across Jupiter’s science organization. Prior to joining the team at Jupiter, Steve held academic positions in statistics and applied mathematics and worked in industry as a data scientist where he has led data science research and development programs and data science teams. From 2006 to 2014, he was the head of the Geophysical Statistics Project and a scientist in the Institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Steve is a fellow of the American Statistical Association and past recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Statistical Association’s Section on Statistics and the Environment.

Intended Audience:
Undergraduates, graduates, and experts. Those with interest in the topic.

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When and Where
September 26, 2022
11:00 am - 11:50 am
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