Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. Seminar

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Title: Challenges in Developing a Scalable Wide Bandgap Technology Portable to a Au-free Si CMOS Foundry
Speaker: Dr. Saurabh Dutta Chowdhury, Sr Staff Foundry-Technology Group, Power Integrations

This seminar proves the maturity of GaN-on-Si technology for the world’s first highly reliable 650V GaN HEMT by demonstrating three years of manufacturing data of since ramp. This technology was initially developed in a pilot line in Transphorm Goleta, CA and then later ported into a Si-CMOS compatible 6-inch foundry at AFSW (Aizu Fujitsu Semiconductor Wafers Solution Ltd). Data set generated from over three thousand wafers worth of data spread over three generations of technology nodes covering multiple products and packages post qualification is presented.
Silicon manufacturing processes are employed including gold-free, and avoiding the use of evaporation/liftoff typical to compound semiconductors. Best practice of defect detection, failure analysis and process control methods from Si manufacturing industry have been employed to maintain and improve yield for this new technology. Probe yield and line yield for the GaN process now matches that of mature Si-CMOS process running in the same fabrication facility. Wide bandgap high-speed and high- voltage GaN devices significantly reduce the system size and improve energy efficiency of power conversion in all areas of electricity conversion, ranging from PV inverters to electric vehicles. The results below demonstrates that GaN high volume production is now a reality.

Stefan Preble
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When and Where
January 28, 2022
12:00 pm - 12:50 pm
Room/Location: Zoom Meeting ID: 999 6010 9262 Passcode: MCSE795

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