Bal Dixit High Temperature Materials Lab

The Bal Dixit Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Fire Protection Research (“Bal Dixit Lab”) is an RIT laboratory that can quantify the fire, flammability, and mechanical properties of advanced materials and develop new coating and material innovations to improve these properties in pursuit of market competitiveness, human safety, and environmental health.

This lab offers:

  • Material property characterization and performance analysis of fire-resistant coatings and materials
  • Thermal product research, testing, and product development
  • Fire, flammability, and mechanical testing capabilities with respect to applicable standards for fire-resistant materials and coatings
  • Sub-scale testing in preparation for ASTM or UL evaluation
  • Support for life prediction and analytical modeling through mechanical testing, physical analysis, and scanning electron microscopy
  • Fee-for-service material or product testing for researchers, product manufacturers, or sellers of protective clothing, fabrics, coatings, or other materials"


Sustainability Institute Hall (SUS/building 81), room 3270


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