Center for Worldbuilding and Storytelling

Inspiring creativity and critical analysis, the College of Liberal Arts Center for Worldbuilding and Storytelling creates a community and network of resources for the imaginative. 

Worldbuilding—the process of constructing either a reality-based or imaginary world—takes creators deep into the development of all of the qualities of a setting, from its geography and ecology to its history, inhabitants, languages, culture, and more. Storytellers and worldbuilders must learn to imagine and represent every detail of the worlds they are constructing, from the way the world looks to the way it feels and smells and the types of creatures who live in it. 

Additionally, the Center supports students from all disciplines in using worldbuilding as a way to think through and test out the potential impact of technological advances on people, industries, and societies. >


Pop-Up Events, Workshops, and More at Various Locations on Campus. 


Hours vary depending on the event or activity. 


Trent Hergenrader
Associate Professor