George H. Clark Gymnasium

Located across from the Campus Center. The Clark building is primarily used by Intercollegiate Athletics. However, some wellness and recreation programs are conducted here as well. The Clark complex includes:

  • Main Gymnasium
  • Auxiliary Gymnasium
  • Wrestling Room
  • Weight Room (Varsity)
  • Training Room (Varsity)
  • Equipment Room


Clark Gym Policies

  • Use of Clark Gym is by reservation only.
  • RIT ID is required.
  • All guests must purchase a pass from the SLC and be accompanied by their sponsor at all times.
  • Athletic apparel (tops and bottoms) and footwear required at all times.
  • Proper equipment must be used; see Clark Management with any questions.
  • Participation is at your own risk. RIT is not responsible for accidents or injuries that occur due to the nature of the activity.
  • Alcohol and tobacco use are prohibited.
  • Report any damaged equipment to Clark Management.
  • Hanging from or grabbing basketball rims is prohibited.
  • Volleyball pads are required on poles during play.
  • Patrons must abide by the decisions of Clark Management.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • RIT is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Personal items should be kept in a secure locker.
  • Pets are prohibited except for personal access.
  • Team activities are prohibited in the Aux Gym without the presence of a coach or certified instructor.
  • Observe all emergency exit signage.
  • Non-compliant individuals may be asked to leave the facility or may have privileges suspended.
  • Violation of rules included here or other posted policies, malicious use or defacing of property, spitting, solicitation, verbal abuse of employees, or other violations of Institute policy will be investigated by staff, Public Safety, and/or local authorities.