Imaging Services Lab (ISL)

The Imaging Services Lab (ISL) serves the RIT community by enabling students, faculty and staff to take photography from the digital space into the physical. The ISL facility accomplishes this with a full-service lab that offers a variety of photographic production possibilities.

From film processing for 35mm to large format 8×10 to large format ink-jet prints to the one-of-a-kind Lambda printing process capable of printing digital files in a fully archival chemical photo-process, ISL can do it all. This gives students the benefit of working with a professional staff, state-of-the-art technology, plus traditional printing technologies. Here, students, faculty and staff can make high-quality, affordable prints of the images they create.

Students can also gain real-world experience as lab employees. The equipment in ISL is on par with top photo labs in the country, and helps students to realize their work on a larger scale. This gives them the experience of working with multiple processes, enabling them to bring that knowledge with them upon completing their program of study.

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ISL services and equipment

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Gannett Hall, 3680


Andrea Fernandes
Imaging Systems Lab, Production Manager