2017 Distinguished Alumnus: Meet Gerald McCue

Gerald McCue

For Gerald McCue ’80 (MBA), senior vice president at Merrill Lynch, managing client portfolios has a higher purpose than simply growing wealth.

“Philanthropy is the ultimate goal with a client because they have reached a level of financial security, far beyond that which they will need,” said McCue. “I say to clients, ‘You’re financially secure, but don’t let me leave you with the impression that this is the only thing in life.’”

McCue knows from experience the importance of philanthropy. In 1998, he and his wife, Diane, created the McCue Memorial Foundation to support causes dear to them including education, youth organizations and humane societies.

To date, the foundation has paid the tuition for 14 college students. These scholarships have been responsible for fostering careers, creating long lasting relationships and essentially changing lives.

“Sometimes you’re so busy just making sure that what you’re doing is benefitting the individuals involved, you don’t really have time to reflect on the impact it has on those lives,” McCue said.

That impact even includes love. A bride and groom recently acknowledged the McCues at their wedding reception because the bride was a scholarship recipient, and without the scholarship she would have never gone to college, where she met the groom.

And, much like his approach to financial advising, philanthropy is much more than simply writing a check for McCue. He stays in touch with the foundation scholarship recipients and he regularly mentors students, speaks to classes and is on the Seneca Waterways Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

McCue will be honored as the Saunders College of Business 2017 Distinguished Alumnus on Oct. 13 at the RIT Presidents’ Alumni Ball for these achievements in philanthropy, in addition to his success in the financial industry.

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