Alumni spotlight: Gao Yahui ’20 MFA (Furniture Design)

Gao Yahui '20 came to RIT's Furniture Design MFA program from her native China.

This article was originally published by RIT China: “From the Central Academy of Fine Arts to RIT, she became a furniture designer

Gao Yahui ’20 MFA (Furniture Design) received her bachelor’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, China. Armed with solid theoretical knowledge, she sought a platform to combine theory with practice to enhance her creativity, ultimately choosing to come to the U.S. and enroll in RIT’s Furniture Design MFA program.

"Taking full advantage of resources that school provides can greatly improve our learning and quality of life,” Yahui said.

The harmony between people and furniture and home is the focus of Yahui’s work. The home furnishing products she's designed create an exquisite and cohesive atmosphere, making people think of home — a relaxing, comfortable and happy environment.

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