Color science team presents at conference

Color science Ph.D. candidates Tucker Downs, Che Shen, Abby Weymouth, and Olivia Kuzio; recent graduate Hao Xie ’22 Ph.D. (color science); and Associate Professor Mike Murdoch presented their work at Sensing Colour: the 2022 International Colour Association (AIC) Conference. Downs presented on “Image Based Measurement of Augmented Reality Displays and Stimuli.” Weymouth presented on “Perceived Speed in Transitions between Neutral and Chromatic Illumination.” Shen presented on “Measuring Display Observer Metamerism.” Xie presented on “The Luther Condition for All: Evaluating Colorimetric Camera Design for Personalized Color Imaging.” Kuzio presented on “Simulating the Effect of Camera and Lens Choice for Color Accurate Spectral Imaging of Cultural Heritage Materials.” The papers by Kuzio and Xie were awarded Best Student Papers. Murdoch delivered a keynote talk on “Color in Layers: From Pepper’s Ghost to Augmented Reality.”

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