A statement from President Munson regarding the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The shocking attack on Israel, with indiscriminate killing and kidnapping, was terribly painful to see and is intensely personal for some members of the RIT community. Many of us have family and friends in Israel and the surrounding region.  We now are witnessing massive retaliation, with mounting casualties, which is extremely difficult to watch.

As a university with global reach and a community that includes students from Israel and many nearby countries, and numerous faculty and staff members from throughout the Middle East, we all must stand in solidarity with those affected by the conflict and recognize the profound human suffering and loss.  The loss is most acute among Israelis and Palestinians, but it extends far beyond. We have reached out to our students from Israel and adjacent countries to offer our support.  

We are only at the beginning of this dark chapter in the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and it now will be even more difficult to create a peaceful resolution. I encourage everyone to reflect on our commitment to global harmony and to speak out for the protection of innocent lives. As a worldwide community, let us work together to promote dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation to achieve lasting peace and stability in the region.

David Munson, President