Student Government president's 2022 commencement address

A. Sue Weisler

In his speech, Student Government President Lucas Randrianarivelo congratulated graduates who have secured full-time employment, and assured graduates whose futures are still in doubt. “RIT has handed us all the tools to be successful. Now we start the journey.”

Student Government President Lucas Randrianarivelo addressed the crowd at the Gordon Field House during RIT's annual commencement ceremony on May 6. The full text of his speech is below:

At the beginning of the year, I lied to our freshman class; and told them that “college is going to be the best 4 years of your life”. Because to be graduating at 21/22 and have the best years of your life already behind you would be pretty sad.

Some of you sitting out there may have secured a full time job, know exactly what you are going to do next and for the next 40 years of your life, and have it all planned out. To you I say that is amazing and wish you all the best.

But if you are out there, don't know what your next move is, haven't gotten that job yet, and feel lost. That's okay.

I recently heard one of the best analogies for how recent graduates feel, and it goes as such. As a freshman we didn't have a kitchen, we didn't know how to cook, and so many nights we would eat microwavable food. The problem with microwavable food is when you would take it out and stick a fork in it the center would still be cold. However, the reason grandma's cooking would be so good, and I have my grandma sitting up here on the front row, is because she didn't cook Sunday night dinner Sunday evening, she started Saturday night. And she would let it marinate overnight. And so you gotta know that what is inside of you is so great that it's taking a little bit longer. Because you are not meant to be so microwaveable.

We are just getting started. We are at the bottom of the mountain looking up at all the goals, desires, and things we want to accomplish and do with our lives. Now we can start making the trek up the mountain. RIT has handed us all the tools to be successful. Now we start the journey. And you gotta love the journey because in those detours, moments along the way, and at checkpoints like these is when you can look back at where you have been, and cherish those memories you made alongside the other fellow travelers in this room.

To quote the best show ever made, at the end of the office there is this quote “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good ole days before you actually left them.”

Well graduating class of 2022 welcome to the next chapter of your lives. Congratulations on getting to this day, and earning your degree. You all look so good in your cap and gowns. But I hope you are ready, because the best times of our lives are actually still ahead of us.

Thank you!