Three recharge days scheduled this semester

Students have options of hikes, wellness, movies, instead of classes

A. Sue Weisler

Students can learn the basics of table tennis, golf, badminton, and futsal during three recharge days this semester, with a variety of in-person, drop-in, and virtual activities as a break from classes and study.

RIT’s spring semester this year features three recharge days for students to take a break from classes and studying.

The days—Tuesday Feb. 23, Wednesday March 24, and Thursday April 22—feature several optional activities students may participate in either in-person, drop-in, or virtually.

“We are excited to offer opportunities for students to disconnect and recharge during the spring recharge days,” said Sandra Johnson, senior vice president for Student Affairs. “It’s OK to take a break, so go ahead and do that in whatever way works for you.”

Activities include a trip to a maple syrup farm, virtual cooking demonstrations, e-sports tournament and free play, do-it-yourself beeswax lip balm and sugar scrub, rock painting, yoga, coloring, self-guided hiking, and ping pong, tennis, and golf basics.

The activities are for all RIT students, whether they live on campus or commute.

The recharge days were added to the calendar since there is no spring break planned this year due to changes made as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students gave feedback in the fall when they felt they needed break time from their rigorous schedule.

Many of the activities focus on wellness. Although advance registration needs to be made for in-person activities due to space limitations, students can opt to attend drop-in sessions if they wish, participate virtually or just rest if they want to.

Finals this semester are scheduled May 7 to 13, with the last day of classes May 5, and a reading day scheduled for May 6.

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