Umbrella mistaken as weapon on campus

RIT Public Safety and the Monroe County Sheriff's Department address situation

At about 8:20 a.m. today, RIT Public Safety and the Monroe County Sheriff's Department responded to a report from an RTS bus driver of a person who appeared to be carrying a rifle on campus near Nathaniel Rochester and Kate Gleason residence halls. The campus community was alerted and the case was investigated.

After the investigation, it was determined the student was carrying an umbrella with a Samurai sword-like handle. RIT Public Safety and Sheriff’s deputies talked to the student, who cooperated fully.

The RIT Alert was lifted just before 9:30 a.m. All classes and activities are on as scheduled. To read President Bill Destler's letter to the RIT community, go to the "Destler responds to today's emergency incident" article.

The RIT Emergency Mass Notification System allows the university to contact the community in the event of an emergency by sending messages via instant message, text message, mobile and land-line voice message and e-mail. To sign up to receive alerts, or to update your contact information, go to the RIT Division of Finance and Administration website and follow the instructions for student or faculty/staff notifications.

A toll-free hotline has been established at 1-866-624-8330 and (TTY) 1-866-758-1958.

For more information on what to do in an emergency, go to

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