Updates on campus health and safety during the pandemic

We are off to a strong start this semester practicing our W’s. Wear a mask. Watch your distance and Wash your hands. Our fourth W is all about you. The Willpower to stay safe.

Here are some updates and reminders as we cautiously navigate the pandemic:

  • RIT started administering tests Jan. 27. Several thousand students were tested last week, and the entire student body will be tested the week of Feb. 1. Students, when you receive an email invitation from Tiger Testing, please sign up for a time that fits your schedule.
  • RIT is requiring face masks with a minimum of two-ply cloth. RIT delivered three-ply masks to each community member in the fall and a new one with the RIT Tiger and logo is on its way for students, faculty, and staff. Clear masks, those used for communication with our deaf and hard-of-hearing population, are acceptable. Bandanas, one-layer gaiters, and scarves do not provide enough protection and are unacceptable unless folded to create at least two layers. U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention mask guidelines can be reviewed online. If you are unsure as to the ply of your mask, consider doubling up. It’s fine to wear two masks.
  • We’ve discontinued the use of location code check-ins on campus including those in classrooms, gathering spaces, and buses. We found that the location check-in application was not as useful to us in identifying direct contacts. It should be noted our contact tracing efforts have not found a single case of virus transmission in a classroom dating back to August. We will continue to work closely with the Monroe County Department of Health to trace and contact students impacted by COVID-19.
  • You may have noticed more educational signage serving as a reminder to stay vigilant. New efforts to keep the campus safe will also include Plexiglas barriers in many of the dining halls. Remember to put your mask on when you’re not eating in all dining facilities.
  • We’ve updated the RIT Dashboard to highlight the new spring semester numbers. We will make changes daily to ensure the campus community is able to follow the spread and work to contain it.

Stay informed and stay safe.

Spring Planning Task Force

A sign language interpreted translation of this message is available.


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