Spring Planning

With the Fall Semester successfully underway, RIT is turning its attention to planning for the spring. A Spring Planning Task Force is charged with developing creative strategies and plans for RIT to continue to conduct its missions in education and research.

Spring Semester Calendar

RIT classes for the Spring Semester will begin Monday, Jan. 25. The semester will include three “recharge” days and one reading day before final exams. The recharge days have been incorporated into the calendar to give students and faculty additional break days throughout the semester to account for eliminating spring break. The last day of classes for the semester will be Wednesday, May 5, with final exams running May 7-13. Commencement is scheduled for May 14-15 (format to be determined).

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Flu Vaccine Requirements

RIT is requiring that students, faculty, and staff who will be on campus for any reason receive a seasonal flu vaccination by the start of Spring Semester. We encourage all to get the vaccine as soon as possible.

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COVID-19 Test Requirements

Information on COVID-19 testing requirements.

Dining Updates

RIT Dining will make changes and enhancements for the Spring 2021 semester while continuing to place an emphasis on cleaning, sanitation, and safety procedures.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

RIT has not made any decisions relating to whether the university would require COVID-19 vaccinations for students, faculty, and staff, when such a vaccine become available. We will reserve judgment until it is proven that a COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective. Our assessment will be based on our evaluation of the quality of the science. RIT also will be looking for guidance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as the state of New York. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a Clinical Advisory Task Force and a Vaccine Distribution and Implementation Task Force. RIT will work with state leaders before any decisions are made.

Frequently Asked Questions

The revised schedule shows has classes starting two weeks later on Jan. 25 and eliminates the spring break week. Therefore, commencement is one week later, on May 14-15.

Undergraduate students will be able to select a satisfactory/pass/no pass option and graduate students can select a satisfactory/unsatisfactory/no pass option, for up to two courses. Faculty will post all grades, at which point students can determine if they wish to opt for alternate grading. That decision can be reversed until the student’s degree is certified. After degree certification, students can appeal to switch the grade from one mode to another. If a student electing the alternate grading option receives a failing grade, that grade will not be calculated into the student’s grade point average.

The summer 2021 term is tentatively scheduled to begin May 20.

Spring break was eliminated to limit student and faculty off-campus travel. The three recharge days, which are spread out over three months, have been incorporated into the calendar to help students cope with the loss of spring break and continued stress surrounding COVID-19.

Details will be released as soon as they are available.

Faculty, staff, and students will need to take a COVID-19 test and provide evidence of a negative result for in-person/on-campus activities. More information will be available soon.

Spring Planning Task Force

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, RIT is proactively planning for the future while remaining flexible as the situation continues to evolve. The Spring Planning Task Force is charged with development of creative strategies and plans for RIT to continue to conduct its missions in education and research.

Chair: Christine Licata, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

David Munson, President
Ellen Granberg, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Sandy Johnson, Senior Vice President for Student Affairs
Ian Mortimer, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Associate Provost for Adult and Online Education
Jim Watters, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
Karen Barrows, Chief of Staff, President’s Office
Nicole Boulais, Associate Vice President, Student Support, Programs, and Services
Gerry Buckley, President of NTID
David Burns, Co-Chair, RIT Board of Trustees
Enid Cardinal, Senior Advisor to the President for Strategic Planning and Sustainability
Phil Castleberry, Vice President, University Advancement
Lisa Cauda, Vice President and Secretary
Bobby Colon, RIT General Counsel
Jacob Ellis, Student Government
Bob Finnerty, Chief Communications Officer
Carmie Garzione, Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
Wendy Gelbard, Associate Vice President, Student Wellness
Jeff Harris, Co-Chair, RIT Board of Trustees
Clyde Hull, Professor, Management, SCB, Academic Senate Representative
Keith Jenkins, Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
John Moore, Associate Vice President for Facilities and Management Services
Jim Myers, Associate Provost for International Education and Global Programs
Jo Ellen Pinkham, Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Ryne Raffaele, Vice President for Research
Debbie Stendardi, Vice President, Community and Government Relations
Tina Sturgis, Senior Associate Registrar
John Trierweiler, Vice President for Marketing and Communications
Lindsay Vallone, Academic Advisor, Student Advising, CET
Howard Ward, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services
John Zink, Associate Vice President, Global Risk Management Services