Venture Creations company featured in NASA report

Dimension Technologies Inc. lauded by space agency for revolutionizing airspace system, aircrafts

Dimension Technologies Inc., a Rochester Institute of Technology Venture Creations business incubator company, was recently featured in one of NASA’s technical publications in an article titled “SBIR Advanced Technologies in Aviation and Air Transportation System 2016.” NASA cited the LCD display technology developed by the company that enables viewers to see full-resolution 3-D images without the need for special glasses or headsets.

According to NASA, the technologies highlighted in its publication focus on research that will “lead to revolutionary concepts, technologies, and capabilities that will fundamentally change both the airspace system and the aircraft that fly within it, thus facilitating a safer, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient air transportation system.”

Dimension Technologies—founded in 1986 and accepted into RIT’s Venture Creations in 2016—recently completed work on a contract co-sponsored by NASA and Boeing Corp. NASA’s interest in the technology is based on extensive studies at the NASA Langley Research Center and the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory that showed that 3D displays can improve pilot situational awareness by 18 percent. Three-dimensional visualizations also help in identifying and classifying objects and manipulating objects in real or virtual space. According to the NASA report, applications for the technology include flight-deck instrumentation displays, air traffic monitoring and control, luggage screening, unmanned vehicle operation, and training and simulation.

Representatives from Dimension Technologies will demonstrate the technology at the NASA NextGen Flight Deck Symposium, Feb. 15-16 at NASA Langley Research Center.

“Dimension Technologies is proud to be featured in this NASA technical report, which we believe truly validates our research and development of this cutting-edge technology,” said Arnold Lagergren, chief executive officer. “With the support and mentoring provided by industry experts from RIT’s Venture Creations incubator, we hope to continue to pursue relationships with world-renowned organizations like NASA and Boeing as well as expand partnership and commercial opportunities with others in the marketplace and private sector.”

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