Central Avenue Gateway: "Central Crossing"

April 9, 2019 Doug Templeton, Xingyan Wang, Yao Yao Faculty:

This project looked at the entire block of Central Avenue between St. Paul Street and N. Clinton. Located adjacent to Rochester's Central Rail Station, this project proposes to reuse historic buildings and infill the remaining sections with a combination buildings and pedestrian connections. The concept derived from what would potentially happen if the Inner Loop Expressway was removed. This guided the project's development. An elevated walkway adjacent to the railroad tracks connects St. Paul to the train station and provides and alternative and pedestrian friendly gateway to Rochester that does not require the use of automobiles. It leads to a mixed-use square that enhances the remaining historic buildings, with parking concealed underneath. The buildings house the Urban League of Rochester, Designer's Library, as well as the architectural firm of Smith + Associates. New uses include apartments, restoration of a former hotel, a cafe, and a grocery store. Links to the neighborhood to the north was also proposed, by the creation of a pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, connecting to a dead-end street surrounded by residential.