Student Activities Using Generative AI


A good starting point for any activity incorporating AI-generated content would be for the instructor to experiment with the tool in an effort to understand the potential output. 

The use of generative AI can be included at different points during the activity. These are a few possibilities:

  • Students could use tools to generate a starting point that can be edited and improved
  • Students could be tasked with creating a robust prompt by asking the tool questions, and then refining with additional questions
  • Students could compare and contrast the information provided through the tool and a traditional literature review
  • The activity could be divided into easily assessed and reviewed parts where the tool can be used by the student where applicable
  • Students could be encouraged to identify what prompts were made and consider how these might be enhanced

Remind students to verify the accuracy of the output provided by the generative AI tool, and provide citations to other credible resources as necessary to support the information the tool provides. Generative AI tools will sometimes provide false information and even false citations.

Students should also demonstrate their responsible use of AI by disclosing and citing their use as appropriate based on the expectations you have set in your course. The RIT Libraries provides an InfoGuide on How to Cite Generative AI Tools in MLA, APA, and Chicago Style.

For other considerations while using generative AI, review the page on generative AI from the RIT Information Security Office.

Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning to discuss course and assignment design using generative AI.

Instructions and Examples