The Confluence wiki will no longer be supported after February 2, 2024. The CTL recommends against using it for long term content storage.

Technology Overview

A wiki is simply a website that allows individuals or groups of collaborators to rapidly add or change its content, using an editor in the web browser. Wikis can be a powerful asynchronous collaboration tool in teaching and learning. Typical uses include structuring group work, or capturing a knowledge repository that has been built up by a class.

Use Case and Benefits

  • Students can co-create files with real-time collaborative writing and editing. Changes are tracked by each author in revision history.
  • Facilitate peer review using commenting features
  • Create template files for students to fill in or copy and edit
  • Create one large collection of work created by the class in an easy to create and navigate page structure

Accessing the Technology

Browser-based tool. Access RIT Wiki and log in with your RIT account.

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