We are known for

Creativity and Innovation

Student drawing on a monitor with a digital pen while another watches

At RIT, we exercise creativity and innovation at every turn. Our students thrive at the intersection of technology, the arts, and design in all aspects of their educational experience. Our campus is a thriving ecosystem designed to stimulate creativity and innovation. We recognize that creativity, innovation, and “making” occur in every field, whether it be writing a poem or short story, choreographing a dance, composing a piece of music, advancing a new scientific hypothesis, developing a new government policy, designing a new piece of technology, creating a social movement, or launching a start-up company. Every student can be involved in creating things that never before existed, and then putting those concepts into motion, in an effort to improve the world.

Co-op and Careers

Student speaking with a representative from Toyota

Career readiness is paramount to graduating students who are well-prepared to take on the challenges presented by industries around the world. Our students learn not only what’s presented in class, but also the real-world skills and competencies—critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, collaboration, communication, and leadership, among others—that can be gained only through meaningful experience. At RIT, we lead the world in experiential learning. Through co-op and summer jobs, international experiences, participation on project teams, entrepreneurship, research, and participation in student groups and societies, we prepare our graduates to become not only skilled professionals, but ones that bring ethical, thoughtful, and substantial contributions to society at large.

Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

Six students throwing their caps in the air after graduating

At RIT, we thrive on our differences, recognizing that true innovation is born from disparate interests and ideas. We live and learn together, embracing and celebrating our differences to create a welcoming, inclusive community enriched by each person’s unique life experiences.

Global Focus

Dubai skyline at night

We live in one world and, across the planet, we share both problems and opportunities, challenges and successes. Global issues—those such as poverty, nuclear nonproliferation, global warming, sufficient clean water, renewable energy, and affordable health care—affect us all. RIT doesn’t just prepare students for careers; we help them develop an understanding of the larger world and foster a passion for making a difference. On campus, our many students from abroad and across the country, with different cultures, languages, food, and customs, add to the richness of experience here. Our global campuses broaden our reach and offer opportunities for students to study abroad. Our global focus enables us to impact our world, whether a solution solves a problem across town, across the country, or across our borders.