Blog Author: Adya Shrivastava

Adya posing for a photo outside during the winter in Rochester, NY.

Adya Shrivastava

Graduate Student

Computer Science

Hi! My name is Adya Shrivastava. I am currently pursuing Master’s in Computer Science at RIT. I am from Delhi, India, and completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science from GGSIPU, Delhi. My interests lie in Data Science and I wish to pursue my career in the same field. Reading books, Netflixing, exploring new places and shopping are among my favorite hobbies. I’ve always been a Potterhead and like watching sitcoms like Friends and The Office. So hit me up if you wish to talk about these things!

I’m excited to be a part of The Graduate Liaison team and do my best in providing prospective students with all the help they need!

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