As a senior in high school, I found myself struggling to make the big decisions that I was expected to make. I was overwhelmed by the thought of planning my future, and felt as though I was running a marathon of decision-making.

I applied to a lot of great colleges, but there were many things about RIT that made me realize it was a very special and unique place. I visited the campus for accepted students day and during this event, I was able to tour campus, meet with some current students, and learn a lot about the RIT experience. This visit to RIT allowed me to make a final decision on my educational future.

Here are some reasons why RIT stood out to me as a stellar choice for my college education:

1. Driven Student Body

When I was in high school I visited the RIT campus and met with multiple RIT students. Specifically, RIT College of Art and Design Students. It didn't take me long to realize the students I met with were motivated, creative, and unique. Every one of them had a strong passion for what they were studying, whether it was Graphic Design, Interior Design, 3D Design, and more. I was able to ask them questions about their RIT experience, and I was very inspired by their desire to succeed and grow in the career fields that they studied. I saw a piece of myself in the students that I met with, and felt as though I, too, could be as passionate and as studious as they were. 

2. Clubs and Campus Activities

RIT has an extensive variety of things to do on campus, I realized this when hearing about the annual RIT Club Fair. During the first month of school, students have the opportunity to visit with numerous student lead clubs. There is a wide selection of extracurricular activities to become involved in. Some examples include acapella groups, greek organizations, club sports, special interest houses, tech clubs, design clubs, and many more. I knew as a senior in high school that I would love the opportunity to join clubs, try new things, and meet new people, so the RIT Club Fair sounded very appealing to me. 

3. Interdisciplinary Education

During my college search process, I spoke with a program director from my college department at RIT. I was able to view a typical course schedule of a student studying design, and learn about the options every RIT student has to integrate courses from multiple programs and colleges into their course schedule. All RIT students have the opportunity to study an immersion. This is a concentration of three courses in an area of study that interests the student. RIT students are fortunate to have the flexibility in their curriculum to allow them to obtain a multifaceted education. Many RIT students end up turning their immersion into a minor, which can range from 4-6 classes. It is also possible to study an immersion and a minor that are separate programs of study.

4. Campus Resources and Facilities

The number of labs and technology resources available to all majors at RIT are astounding. There are several state-of-the-art computer labs in each of the colleges on campus. And, there's even a computer lab located in one of the dorms on campus, which makes it very convenient for students to use large computers and print. RIT also has a very impressive array of science labs, art studios, and maker spaces. As of the fall of 2023, we also have a new building that includes dance studios, a black-box theater, music rehearsal spaces, a larger maker space, and more. 

Personally, I've found The Writing Commons to be another tremendous resource for RIT students to make use of. It is staffed by undergraduates, graduates, and writing consultants. Students can visit the writing commons for feedback and help on writing projects. It is free for students to make an appointment at the Writing Commons. 

In addition to the above, we can't forget the amazing athletic facilities right on campus. Students can make use of an outdoor turf field, tennis courts, multiple gymnasiums, ice rinks, a field house, indoor and outdoor tracks, indoor basketball courts, dance/yoga studios, and more. 

5. Career Preparation

As a senior in high school, I was extremely impressed with how successful RIT students are. RIT has a very high outcome rate, as 93% of graduating students from the class of 2021 entered the workforce, enrolled in further study, or participated in military/volunteer service. This is one of the highest outcome rates in the United States. Most RIT students complete a co-op within their academic career, which consists of a real life, paid work experience integrated into the student’s academic schedule. 95% of employers who had an RIT student on co-op have said they would hire the student full-time. For more specific information on career outlooks, it’s great to visit your specific majors web-page. There, you can find common jobs that graduates of your specific program go on to work. 

Every student at RIT loves this school for different reasons, but these are a few of the reasons that made me decide on attending RIT for my college education.

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New Media Design

I’m a second year student studying New Media Design. I am from a small town near Buffalo, New York. I love playing tennis, drawing, and interior design.

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