Amanda Zaremski, CEO of WinutRx

Meet Gap Year Fellow Amanda Zaremski, CEO of WinutRx, a patient-centric medical tool for mobile devices used to personalize nutrition and medication tracking for people diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.

  • Fourth-year School of Individualized Study student with concentrations in decision sciences and health care management
  • From Irondequoit, N.Y.
  • Gap Year Fellow from January 2019 to August 2019

Why take time off of school?

Through this fellowship, Zaremski had time to learn more about health care, technology, and the relationship between the two. Additionally, she learned more about running a business and networked with established professionals in her field.

“It’s definitely a risk because you’re prolonging your graduation, but I wasn’t ready to graduate if I had this idea and didn’t pursue it.”

How did WinutRx start?

Zaremski needed to present a business pitch for a class project, but she didn’t discover an idea that interested her until she got a phone call from her grandmother.

“My grandmother has cardiovascular disease and she told me one day, ‘did you know I can’t have this specific orange?’” she said. “I come from a nursing background, so she asked me to look into her medications to see what foods she can have. Then I thought, ‘Hang on, I bet she’s not the only one that has this issue.’”

She wrote down her ideas for the mobile medical tool that day. Zaremski said she still has that original paper with all the fledgling ideas, which became WinutRx.

Goals accomplished during fellowship:

1. Learned more about health care technology.

2. Learned more about how to communicate between the technical and medical worlds.

3. Learned more about running a business within the health care industry.

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