Adhering to RIT Protocols

We recognize that our actions impact others, and we all play a role in keeping our RIT community healthy and safe against the spread of COVID-19.

Testing Process and Compliance

A campus-wide testing effort to identify individual cases and determine the prevalence of COVID-19 is underway. Students who are invited to participate in a Tiger Testing window are required to sign up for a testing time and show up for the test. Any students who fail to report for testing are considered non-compliant for this requirement. RIT has built a scaled response plan, which includes system access interruption (including MyCourses and Zoom) and referrals to the Student Conduct Office, which may lead to suspension or removal from housing, for those not in compliance.

Learn more about the Tiger Testing program


Educate yourself on RIT COVID-19 protocols and community expectations, and model good behavior.

Look out for others.

  • Encourage their commitment to the RIT Ready Pledge
  • Set expectations. Consider how you might set expectations at the start of a meeting, class, or in person gathering. 
  • Reinforce positive behavior. “Thank you for wearing your mask to protect our RIT community.”

Report a COVID-19 Violation

If you see something that conflicts with RIT’s COVID-19 protocols and community expectations, the COVID-19 Violations Report can be used to report concerns regarding RIT community members (students, employees, and visitors) and campus facilities. Potential violations may include, but are not limited to, the inappropriate use of face coverings, physical distancing concerns, and noncompliance with quarantine requirements. 

Report a COVID-19 Protocol Violation

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Frequently Asked Questions

RIT is committed to addressing all reports with an expedited review and closure. In most situations, the report will be reviewed within 1-2 days and closed within 2-5 business days.

No, submissions are not anonymous. We may contact you to gather additional information regarding your concerns. If necessary, anonymous reports may be made using the RIT Ethics and Compliance Reporting Hotline.

Reports about staff and faculty will be managed by Human Resources. Reports about facilities will be managed by Environmental Health and Safety in partnership with building facility managers. Reports about students will be managed by a Student Affairs accountability team, in collaboration with the Center for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution.

Public Safety is always available to support safety and security on the RIT campus. COVID-19 violation reports made to Public Safety will be routed to Human Resources, Student Affairs, or Environmental Health and Safety as part of the accountability response efforts. Emergency situations will be handled directly as always. Call Public Safety at 585-475-3333.

If someone in a classroom is not wearing a face covering, they should be asked to put it on. If they refuse, the faculty member should ask them to leave the classroom. If a faculty member is not addressing these concerns in the classroom, please first request that they do. If you are not satisfied with the classroom management around these issues, you may complete a COVID-19 Violation Report or contact the college department.   

We strongly recommend that students, faculty, and staff do not travel outside the Finger Lakes Region (Monroe and adjacent counties) unless absolutely necessary. If travel must occur, please remember to follow all safety precautions and refrain from participating in group gatherings where distancing and masking is not occurring.