RIT faculty and students working together

RIT is a nationally recognized leader in professional and career-oriented education. With more than 90 academic programs to choose from in nine distinctive colleges, RIT offers a strong, specialized curriculum that offers superior career preparation.

U.S. News & World Report has consistently ranked RIT first or second in academic reputation among regional universities in the North for more than 20 years. There’s a reason for this.

RIT is dedicated to providing superior career preparation for highly motivated, talented, diverse students. Our outstanding faculty deliver innovative and creative programs that are enhanced by experiential education and world-class facilities.

Eight colleges offer graduate and undergraduate programs in art and design, business, engineering, science and mathematics, criminal justice, photography, environmental studies, hospitality and service management, information technology, game design and development, bioinformatics, and many other exciting, innovative areas.

We’ve earned our outstanding reputation by being the first in the nation to offer programs in a number of areas, among them: computer science, software engineering, and sustainability.

We give students an education that prepares them to take on the challenges, and rewards, that lie ahead of them.

Nine distinctive colleges make up RIT, and the choices they provide means you’ll get a high quality education that fits your professional and personal goals.

Students come to RIT to prepare for the future, and academics are the cornerstone of that experience. We are dedicated to providing you with academic programs that not only offer you a solid education, but superior career preparation.

RIT offers more than 200 academics programs in nine colleges. You’ll pick one college as your “home” where you’ll concentrate your studies on the major of your choice. To enhance your education, you’ll build a foundation of “core” liberal arts courses and select an immersion or minor from any one of our colleges. You benefit from the resources and strengths of each college as you tailor your education to match your career ambitions.

Visit any one of our colleges to learn more about their academic programs. On each website, you’ll also see what makes each RIT college an innovative leader in their areas of study.