Humanities, Social Sciences, and Education

A tech-infused approach to learning the humanities is essential in a digital world.

We focus on empowering you to be an agent, a player, a driver of change by giving you the tools to make a difference. At RIT, our social science majors are always fostering fearless change-makers.

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Champions of Change Ask, “What if?”

This curiosity, coupled with opportunities to be bold, dynamic, and inventive, enables you to become a creator, a thinker, a doer, a solver. It all starts with a captivating, future-focused major that empowers you to say: “I will."

Social Science Majors:
Degrees that Launch Dynamic Careers 
For Today and Tomorrow

At RIT you’ll find humanities degrees to meet your career goals.

RIT offers more than 165 minors and immersions to choose from. Amplify your degree, add another level of professional expertise, or pursue a personal passion.

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The Curtain is Rising

And so are your aspirations in the performing arts.

RIT is becoming the leading performing arts program in the nation for non-majors, and it's your ticket to integrated, accessible, and diverse experiences in music, theater, and dance. When you pursue performing arts at RIT, you’ll enjoy performance as it is and push the boundaries of what it can be. 


Performing Arts Scholars

RIT’s Performing Arts Scholarship supports your love and talent for singing, acting, dancing, or playing music, and encourages your continued participation in the performing arts.

Students who received scholarships to continue their passion for dance, music, and theater.

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Performing Arts Courses

You won't just study music, theater, and dance, you'll live it. Our performing arts courses range from theory to practice, and everything in between.


Performing Arts Minors

American arts, ASL performance, dance, film studies, music and technology, music performance, theater arts, theater design and stagecraft


Performing Arts Immersions

American arts, dance, film studies, music, theater arts, theater design and stagecraft

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2 Is Always Greater Than 1

Get more out of your academic investment when you double major, accelerate your studies into a master’s degree, or join a partnership program with one of our partner institutions.

Double Majors
Double majors allow you to pursue two different fields of study in a single bachelor’s degree. Majors in the College of Liberal Arts can accommodate most double majors, while still allowing you to complete co-op and internships, undergraduate study, study abroad, and more—all while you graduate on time. Get details on double majors and how to put together a pathway.

Accelerated Bachelor’s + Master’s Degrees
RIT’s Combined Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s Degrees are dual degrees that enable you to earn a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in approximately five years of study. They’re designed for exceptional undergraduate students with outstanding academic records. You’ll earn two degrees in less time and with a cost savings while still taking advantage of cooperative education experiences, internships, research, study abroad, and more. Find out if an accelerated program is right for you.

Accelerated Bachelor’s + Master’s Degrees

Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree(s)

Advertising and Public Relations




Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice


Science, Technology, and Public Policy
Sustainable Systems


Sustainable Systems

International and Global Studies

Science, Technology, and Public Policy




Sustainable Systems

Political Science

Sustainable Systems


Artificial Intelligence
Experimental Psychology
Sustainable Systems

Sociology and Anthropology

Hospitality Business Management
Science, Technology, and Public Policy

Learn more about RIT’s accelerated programs

3+3 Accelerated BS/JD Programs

RIT has partnered with Syracuse University’s College of Law and University at Buffalo School of Law  to offer accelerated 3+3 BS/JD options for highly capable students. These programs provide a fast track to law school where you can earn a bachelor’s degree at RIT and a Juris Doctorate degree at Syracuse University or University at Buffalo in six years.

Learn more about Accelerated Law 3+3 Programs


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RIT Ranked Among Top Schools for Co-ops and Internships
U.S. News & World Report, 2024

Preparing For the Real World in the Real World

RIT is world renowned for its cooperative education and internship program, which provides exposure—early and often—to a variety of industries and environments.

Intentional and purposeful, these opportunities are designed for you to apply your skills in real-world settings, interact with industry experts, and explore professional work environments.

Our proven track record means that employers know that they’ve hired a solid, experienced candidate who has meaningful, relevant experience.

Learn more about RIT’s internship and co-op opportunities.

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The Power of
Hands-On Learning

Turn knowledge into know-how with opportunities outside the classroom to innovate, play, explore, and grow.

Get involved in projects you’re passionate about. With RIT’s centers, labs, community outreach programs, and Grand Challenges Program you’ll put into action the skills that can make a difference.

Center for Public Safety Initiatives
RIT, City of Rochester, Rochester Police Department, and Monroe County Crime Lab collaborate on criminal justice strategy through research, policy analysis, and evaluation. 

Center for Statesmanship, Law, and Liberty
Understanding of statesmanship as the apex of political greatness and its role in a free, democratic republic under the rule of law. 

Health and Addictions Research Center
Advancing knowledge and community wellness by conducting high quality social and behavioral research in health and addictions. 

Center for Engaged Storycraft
Partner with experts in story creation, technical media practices, narrative studies, education, interactive media, game design and development, and story-based analytics.

RIT/City of Rochester Collaborations
Connect with Rochester community organizations to extend your learning beyond campus with unique experiences that positively impact the city and its residents.

Social Science Research Exploration
Driven By You

At RIT, undergraduate research is hands-on, and can start as early as day one. You’ll work alongside top faculty researchers on a range of research topics and carry out experiments, collect data, analyze and interpret data, and present your findings.

Seneca Park Zoo Society Research Partnership

RIT and the Seneca Park Zoo collaborate on projects and research in animal cognition and perception, visitor engagement and education, and marketing and social media management. A direct result of the partnership is The Center for Biodiversity Exploration, an interactive experience for zoo guests to learn more about biodiversity and environmental health.

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Museums Studies NEH Grant 

Most research libraries and museums hold unique or rare items on which historically significant text is no longer legible due to deterioration or erasure. With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, faculty and students developed a low-cost spectral imaging system that recovers obscured and illegible text in historical materials.

Computational Linguistics/AI Research 

Researchers are working to make smarter AI that is representative and inclusive of the people who will be using and interacting with it. Research in this area examines underserved populations at risk of being marginalized with the present focus on big data AI and educating AI professionals with critical thinking skills that can positively impact human data collection that is fair, attuned to bias, and representative of the diverse fabric of the general population. 

Genesee Country Village & Museum

This unique partnership provides opportunities for you to combine historic and 21st-century techniques to innovate and enrich visitor experiences at one of the country’s preeminent living history museums. Students have assisted the museum with marketing, social media strategy/analysis, event-driven tourism, interactive digital content, designing exhibitions and curating galleries, and preparing STEM-focused educational activities. 

An Education
That Knows No Boundaries

In our global world, living, learning, and studying in a culture different from your town prepares you to become a global citizen. You’ll gain that perspective through RIT Study Abroad programs designed to fit into your academic plans. 

You can choose from spending a semester studying at one of RIT’s global campuses, joining a five-week faculty-led program, or spending a semester or a full year in a study abroad program. 


Global RIT Campuses

Located in China, Croatia, Dubai, and Kosovo


Study abroad programs

in 60+ countries

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At RIT, you’re
Always onto something

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In the College of Liberal Arts you’ll graduate with the skills, education, and experience that will make a difference in your local and global communities—as well as in ways that influence profound change. 

Outstanding Hiring Partners

Graduates in the humanities and liberal arts find themselves working for top companies and organizations around the world. Here’s a sampling of where you might find yourself making a difference:

BlueCross Blue Shield
Eastman Kodak Company
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Genesee Country Village & Museum
New York Public Library
Peace Corps
Smithsonian Institute
Sutherland Global Services
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
The Walt Disney Company
Wegmans Food Markets