Communications and Digital Media

Information is the backbone of the digital age. As it continues to rapidly reshape the way we live, communicate, and do business, tremendous opportunity arises for savvy, digitally literate professionals. Industry seeks out graduates of RIT’s communications and digital media programs because they have the skills, practical experience, and creativity to advance their goals.

Analyze audiences and craft persuasive messages for a variety of traditional and emerging media platforms, including websites, social media, news sites, blogs, video and photography sites, and more.

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Seamlessly facilitate communication and interaction between deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing people in educational, medical, and community settings.

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Develop critical thinking skills and creativity as you gain a deeper understanding of digital communication, persuasive messaging, and relationship management. 

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A focus on the humanities and social sciences combined with marketing, information technology, digital publishing, or a discipline of your choosing, provides a solid framework to help you understand the evolving communication landscape.

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Combine the theory and practice of communication with focused study in one of three subdisciplines: technical communication; health communication; or media, rhetoric, and culture.

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Pair a traditional liberal arts education with study in digital technology, human-computer interaction, database management, geographic information technologies, and interactivity in new media.

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Integrate design principles, methods, concepts, images, words, and ideas to convey distinct, visually compelling messages to an audience.

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The MS degree in health care interpretation is designed to meet the demand for nationally-certified sign language interpreters who wish to work in health care environments.

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Gather, critically analyze, and synthesize verbal and visual information to communicate accurate and clear news stories across traditional and digital media platforms.

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Today’s graphic communication professionals serve the robust marketing communications, publishing and packaging graphics industries by creating and producing integrated media across a range of platforms. 

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Deepen your understanding of the importance of graphic communication and immerse yourself in the technologies that are changing the industry.

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At the intersection of visual communication, design strategy, technology, and user experience design, new media designers are the innovative thinkers, designers, and creators of the next generation of digital media.

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New media are ever-changing forms of digital communication that engage, immerse, and entertain users, from social networks to wearable computing and more.

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Explore how technology and innovation are changing the graphic communications industry.

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By fully understanding the importance of the user experience and the various aspects of digital design, your work can fuel technological innovation.

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